I SPEAK BOY de Jessica Brody

What if an app could tell you what boys are really thinking?

by Jessica Brody
Delacorte, July 2021

After a matchmaking attempt for her best friend, Harper, goes horribly, embarrassingly wrong, Emmy is fed up. Why are boys so hard to figure out? But then something amazing happens . . . she wakes up with a new app on her phone: iSpeak Boy! Suddenly Emmy has access to the super-secret knowledge of how boys think—and who they like! Now Emmy is using her magical app to make matches left and right. But can she use it to help Harper, the only person who doesn’t seem to buy into Emmy’s “gift”? And when her secret gets out and the app ends up in the wrong hands, can Emmy undo all the damage she’s caused? From the author of Better You Than Me, this fun, funny, and girl-positive book with a dash of romance is perfect for anyone who loves reading about friendship—and life hacks like magic apps.

Jessica Brody has written and published over seventeen novels for teens, tweens, and adults published and translated in over 23 countries, and Unremembered and 52 Reasons to Hate My Father are currently in development as films.

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