MIRIAM de Deborah Feldman

The first novel by the bestselling author of Unorthodox, and the first book Deborah Feldman is writing in German.

by Deborah Feldman

Luchterhand/PRH Germany, August 2021

© Alexa VachonSet in Antwerpen, New York and Jerusalem. Miriam is the only daughter of the famous Antwerpen diomand trader Volvi Halpern, and the family’s hopes are set on her: By marrying her off to a rich New Yorker, they are hoping to save the family business. But Miriam fights their decision. Ever since her birth she carries the burden of an unusual, transcendent old knowledge, she hears voices, she has visions that, like memories from a distant past, burst into her presence. Torn between her family’s expectations and the voices of the past, she is trying to find out what defines her, who she is, and which path she wants to take.

Deborah Feldman is an American-born German writer living in Berlin, Germany. Her 2012 autobiography, Unorthodox: The Scandalous Rejection of My Hasidic Roots, tells the story of her escape from an ultra-Orthodox community in Brooklyn, New York, and was the basis of the 2020 Netflix miniseries Unorthodox.

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