UNNECESSARY DRAMA follows Brooke as she navigates friendship, romance, ex-best friends, exboyfriends, housemates, her own overly anxious tendencies and what it means to find a home away from home.

by Nina Kenwood
Text Publishing Australia, October 2022

Brooke likes order, she likes lists, she likes rules. The first and only rule of her new sharehouse is ‘no unnecessary drama’. Which means no fights, no tension, and absolutely no romance with housemates Penny and Jesse. That’s fine by Brooke, because she has plans. This is going to be her year: her first year of university, the year she’s moved to Melbourne, and the year she’s going to live up to all of her potential. But things get off to a bad start: university isn’t what she thought it would be; she’s desperately homesick, chronically anxious and, to add to her problems, Brooke might be developing inconvenient romantic feelings for off-limits housemate Jesse.

Nina Kenwood is a writer, who lives in Melbourne. She won the 2018 Text Prize for her debut young adult novel, It Sounded Better in My Head.

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