THE CLAN SERIES de Rennie McOwan

The timeless tales of adventure and intrigue starring eleven-year-old Gavin and the Stewart children set in the Ochil Hills of bonnie Scotland, first published in the 80s and now in their fifth edition. A classic family read that explores themes close to young readers all over the world – friendship, rewilding, appreciating the natural world, and adventure – as well as a hint of scout survival skills.

by Rennie McOwan
Rowan Tree Publishing, 2016-2020
(via Randle Editorial & Literary)

Book 1: LIGHT ON DUMYAT (2016) – Gavin, on holiday from London in the wild and remote Scottish countryside, meets the three Stewart children and is desperate to join their ‘Clan’. To do so he has to pass a series of tests. The three redoubtable Stewarts, Clare, Michael, and Mot, teach Gavin about the ancient ways of the Clans, how to survive outdoors. Together their summer of adventure turns darker as the children come face to face with a devious criminal gang.
Book 2: THE WHITE STAG ADVENTURE (2017) – Gavin and his friends Mot and Michael Stewart under the resourceful leadership of their sister, Clare are planning to spend their summer holiday turning a ruined castle into a den for themselves. Their activities are interrupted when they are caught up in a series of mysterious and frightening incidents…
Book 3: THE DAY THE MOUNTAIN MOVED (2019) – While on holiday in the Scottish Highlands, Gavin and his friends Clare, Michael, and Mot find a dusty trunk full of strange objects with magical powers. The objects take the children on a magical adventure to a time and place where magic is part of everyday life and the children encounter ancient Celtic goddesses, warriors and witches. However the children can only return to their own time if they complete all the treacherous tasks contained in an ancient rhyme.
Book 4: JEWELS ON THE MOVE (2020) – When Gavin, Clare, Michael, and Mot visit an ancient castle, they find themselves taken back in time to 17th century Scotland, where they become caught up in a desperate journey to rescue the priceless ‘Honours of Scotland’ – the Scottish Crown Jewels. With armed men at their heels and an injured girl slowing them down , it’s touch and go whether they will succeed, and even if they do, how will they get back to their own time?

Rennie McOwan has the great gift of telling an exciting story in a way that children love to hear. These lovely books will be cherished by generation after generation.” – best-selling author Alexander McCall Smith

Rennie McOwan was not only a famous journalist for newspapers such as The Scotsman, but also a keen outdoorsman and architect of the Freedom to Roam act in Scotland – protecting the right to explore the outdoors which is such a huge part of Scotland’s identity. This work won him the Outdoor Writers Guild Golden Eagle Award. Rennie dreamt up the adventures of Gavin and his friends to tell his children at bedtime and remind them of the wonders of the natural world. These stories soon became ‘The Clan Series’ and have not gone out of print for thirty years since.

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