On the trail of the secrets of life. An inspiring story that kindles inner peace, renewed hope, and refreshing joy of life in each of us.

(Conversations with a Tree)
by Matthias Strolz
Kailash/PRH Verlagsgruppe, March 2022

When he realises he is able to converse with his favourite tree, Matthias Strolz sets out on a journey of discovery that takes him through the essential questions of life that affect us deeply and make us human, eventually leading him to his personal « inner place ». His intensive, entertaining, and profound conversations with the magical tree revolve around birth and death, time and space, God and religion, politics and the state, money and power, job and success, pain and joy, and happiness and love. Knowledge and inner truths will come to fruition through the universal connectedness of everything in existence.

An inspiring dialogue on the philosophical questions of life
• For all who are in a phase of change and searching for new paths in life
• For fans of John Strelecky, Paulo Coelho, and Tessa Randau

Matthias Strolz is an impact and startup entrepreneur, bestselling author, publicist, keynote speaker, people mover, free spirit, and coach. He studied political science, international economics, and systemic organisational development in Austria and internationally. Developing potential has been something close to his heart ever since his teenage years. As a coach and consultant, he advises individuals, non-profit organisations, and companies in strategy and development processes. In May 2020 his bestseller « Strength and Inspiration for These Times » ( appeared, a book filled with inspirations for a proactive lifestyle and the good life.

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