PHOTOS IN THE ATTIC de Donna Fiechtner

One War. Two Worlds. Three People in Love. An compelling romance that follows the heart-wrenching story of a soldier caught between the love of two women, set amongst the backdrop of war on the western front in France. Soon to be a major motion picture.

by Donna Fiechtner
‎ Big Sky Publishing, December 2022
(via Randle Editorial and Literary)

The tale is brought to life with the discovery of the Thuillier photos that were taken in Vignacourt, France, during World War I. These images hold answers to some questions raised by a current-day character, Valerie Bernard, who is a village local.
In 1916, Rosie Marchand leaves her hometown of Albert on the Somme. A survivor of the war, she finds shelter in the home of her cousin, photographer Louis Thuillier, a shell-shocked veteran of Verdun, who with his wife Antoinette takes pictures of soldiers behind the lines.
For Australian Bill Foster, the war is a faraway adventure where he is driven to go and join his brother. Bill is in love with Isabella De Luca, a passionate Queensland woman, and promises to return to her. However, Isabella’s father vows to do all he can to ensure this doesn’t happen. Jimmy Walton, Bill’s Indigenous mate, enlists in the army also and they both go off to war together.
During a battle in the North of France, both Bill and Jimmy are injured and shipped to a Vignacourt field hospital. Bill is now on the verge of a complete breakdown, battle fatigued, injured and saddened by not hearing from his beloved Isabella since leaving. He cannot understand why she has not sent him any letters. He finds comfort and strength from Rosie a Nurse caring for him. Rosie had to leave her war-torn hometown on the Somme and found shelter with her cousin, photographer Louis, a shell-shocked veteran of Verdun. As time passes the feelings between Bill and Rosie deepen.
As the war ends, Bill makes a difficult decision to return to Australia, to Isabella. The news of Bills decision devastates Rosie. How will this love triangle end?

Already optioned, funded and in development for an Australian feature Film. From a celebrated writing team including a credited Hollywood screenwriter, published historians and award-winning Australian filmmakers.

Donna Fiechtner has co-authored an inspiring book on the WW 1 Graffiti on cave walls in Naours in Northern France and has written the most recent novel and screenplay for PHOTOS IN THE ATTIC. The story is set during WWI in Vignacourt, France and Childers, Queensland where principal screenwriter Donna Fiechtner and fellow creative collaborator and husband, Michael, are based. Both historians, it is told through their unique and insightful lens.

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