SORRY: Ich habe es nur für dich getan de Bianca Iosivoni

Love can sweep you away – but what if it drags you into its darkest abysses? Perfect for readers of Colleen Hoover and fans of the Netflix series You.

Ich habe es nur für dich getan
(I’m Sorry: I Did It All For You)
by Bianca Iosivoni
Penguin Germany, March 2023

San Francisco. Robyn, a young and ambitious journalist, is shocked when the police show up on her doorstep. Her ex-boyfriend Julian has been reported missing. At a single stroke, the past comes flooding back: the longing, the pain, the disappointment… Robyn thought she had put it all behind her. She’s deeply worried about Julian. What could have happened? Robyn seeks help from her best friend, Cooper – though she has long felt much more for him than that. When the police suspect Cooper of having something to do with Julian’s disappearance, she doesn’t know what to believe, or what to feel. Who can she trust? Can she even trust herself?
An irresistible mix of powerful emotions, psychological suspense and addictive twists.

Over the years, Bianca Iosivoni has won thousands of fans with her new adult and fantasy bestsellers. She loves heady love stories with all their highs and lows, as well as thrills and twists – and combines both in her books for Penguin. SORRY will give you goosebumps and butterflies with its gripping blend of toxic feelings and psychological suspense.

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