BORN WEIRD d’Andrew Kaufman

From the author of the international bestselling All My Friends Are Superheroes!

by Andrew Kaufman
The Friday Project/HarperCollins, December 2012
(via The Rights Factory)

The Weirds have always been a little peculiar, but not one of them ever suspected that they’d been cursed.

At the moment of the births of her five grandchildren Annie Weir gave each one a special power she thought was a blessing. Richard, the oldest, would always keep safe; Abba would always have hope; Lucy would never get lost and Kent would be able to beat anyone in a fight. As for Angie, she would always forgive, instantly. But over the years these blessings turned out to be curses that ruined their lives.

Now Annie is dying and she has one last task for Angie: gather her far-flung brothers and sisters and assemble them in her grandmother’s hospital room so that at the moment of her death, she can lift these blessings-turned-curses. And Angie has just two weeks to do it.

What follows is a quest like no other, tearing up highways and racing through airports, from a sketchy Winnipeg nursing home to the small island kingdom Upliffta, from the family’s crumbling ancestral mansion in Toronto to a motel called Love. Along the way, Angie searches for the answer to the greatest family mystery of all: what really happened to their father, whose maroon Maserati was fished out of a lake so many years ago?

Andrew Kaufman is the author of All My Friends Are Superheroes, The Tiny Wife, The Waterproof Bible, and Born Weird. He was born in Wingham, Ontario, the birthplace of Alice Munro, making him the second-best writer from a town of 3000. His work has been published in eleven countries and translated into nine languages. He is also an accomplished screenwriter and lives in Toronto with his wife and their two children.

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