THE FORGOTTEN BOY de Laura Andersen

Full of mystery, romance, and grief, THE FORGOTTEN BOY is a gorgeously written novel that tells the story of three powerful women who experience love and loss in vastly different time periods.

by Laura Andersen
Open Road Media, April 2024
(via Context)

1460: Ismay Deacon, caught between sides in the War of the Roses, tries to hide away in her ancestral home, Havencross. But when word gets out that she has a child, Ismay has to make a terrible choice to protect her son. The Deacon family disappears, but there are rumors of a young ghost haunting the halls of Havencross.

1918: Diana Neville, an experienced war nurse, is hired by Havencross School for Boys to run the infirmary. But soon there is knocking on her door in the middle of the night and she hears footsteps in empty corridors. Plus, the youngest students are reporting a ghostly boy luring them from bed in the middle of the night, all while the Spanish Flu hits Havencross. In the midst of the pandemic, the youngest boy disappears, and Diana has to face her deepest fear by going into medieval tunnels after him.

2018: Juliet Stratford is hired to spend the winter at Havencross to clear it out before it comes a luxury hotel. Juliet, an historian, throws herself into the mysteries of Havencross. Especially: Who is the forgotten boy that has haunted Havencross for so long? And is it the same boy that Juliet has begun to see in the echoing, empty house?

Laura Andersen is the award-winning author of The Boleyn trilogy, The Tudor Legacy trilogy, and The Darkling Bride.

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