THE GLITTER YEARS d’Annette Christie

Daisy Jones meets the Beatles documentary Get Back, THE GLITTER YEARS is a multi-POV women’s fiction novel interspersed with band interviews and epistolary elements. It takes place on beautiful Vancouver Island, and is about sisterhood, rewriting history to dig out the truth, and forgiveness.

by Annette Christie
(via The Whalen Agency)

The Angies were a musical force in the eighties; a band, comprised fully of women, that were as respected amongst music journalists as they were adored by their far-reaching fans. With a steady stream of hits that married pop, folk, punk, and new wave, The Angies appeared to be unstoppable.

There were plenty of rumors about why the band broke up, about why the four members who were as close as sisters, refused to talk to each other. Now, years later, the truth is poised to come out.

It’s the year 2000. The Angies have been broken up for eight years and their long-time manager, Mack Slate, has just passed away. All four Angies are separately convinced by the manager’s son, James, to do one last concert for his memorial, which will also be presented as part of MTV’s Unplugged series. The concert is to take place in Victoria, Canada on Vancouver Island, the deceased manager’s hometown.

Each of the Angies has her own reasons for agreeing to this concert, and each one has her reasons for abandoning it. As the band reunites and begins rehearsing, fights break out, pain of the past resurfaces. The four women can barely stand to be in the same room together, and the risk of humiliating themselves on the most public of stages is a very real scenario.

But love comes from unexpected places: Ruby and Joanne’s cold relationship warms and turns romantic, Lou begins the difficult road to repairing her relationship with Saskia, and Saskia finds herself falling for James, their late manager’s son, despite it all.

The biggest shock of all is that, reunited, these women have the power to heal each other and themselves.

Annette Christie is the author of For Twice in My Life and The Rehearsals (Little, Brown), and the author/narrator of Love Lessons (Audible Originals). She has a BFA in Theatre and a history of very odd jobs. The back of her head is featured prominently in the film Mean Girls. She currently resides with her husband and two children in Alberta, Canada, where she is probably crying over a sitcom right now.

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