The Fate of a Kingdom: in the hands of two kids who just can’t get along. By YouTube Silver-Play-Button recipient Emily Kaye.

by Emily Kaye
(via The Lennon-Ritchie Agency)

Each generation, a grand ceremony in the Kingdom of Alveria binds its crown prince to a powerful witch. Jointly, future king andwitch must protect their realm.

Enter timid and awkward Gus. He’s trained his entire life to become the Royal Witch and is absolutely terrified to meet the – sogorgeous – prince. Prince Emilio: confident, self-absorbed, and Gus’s opposite in every way.

In a partnership that seems doomed from the start, things go from bad to worse when Emilio announces in the middle of theceremony that he hates magic and doesn’t want to be the Royal Witch at all. A fight breaks out. Everyone watches in horror asthe two boys, meant to protect their country, brawl it out on the palace floor.

Despite their disastrous tantrum, the ceremony is concluded, leaving them bound together and forced to cooperate.

THE ROYAL WITCH follows the many misadventures of Gus and Emilio as they learn to work together to protect their kingdom.

Based on a Webtoon featured as a Rising Star, Staff Pick, Hot Series, and one of the faces of Webtoon’s 2022 LGBTQ+ Prideevents.

Emily Kaye got her start in social media, writing skits for YouTube and TikTok which gained over 100,000,000+ views and earned her YouTube’s SilverPlay-Button. She branched out into writing webnovels that had millions of views. Her most popular, HERO VS VILLAIN, is ranked as the #1 LGBTQ+novel and the #4 romance novel on Wattpad and is the fourth most liked free-to-read novel on Tapas. HERO VS VILLAIN received a manhwa (comic)adaptation by the Korean studio Toomics and has been optioned for an animated series. Emily specializes in writing queer and female-led stories andwas one of the main faces for Webtoon’s 2021 Pride. She wrote and co-directed the prize-winning short film FREELY WE SERVE, which screened atfestivals including Newfest, Genreblast, the Seattle Queer Film Festival, and PRISM.

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