I MIGHT BE IN TROUBLE de Daniel Aleman

A hilarious, heartfelt novel about the madness of the creative process, a lonely young man who feels life is slipping through his fingers—and the dead body he finds in his bed.

by Daniel Aleman
Grand Central Publishing, December 2024
(via Park & Fine Literary and Media)

A few years ago, David Alvarez had it all: a huge book deal, a loving boyfriend, and a bright writing career to look forward to. But after his second novel flops, David finds himself broke, single, lonely, and trying to come up with a brilliant idea for his third novel to turn his life around. But, good ideas aren’t easy to come by, and the mounting pressure of a near-empty bank account and the threat of eviction has left David’s creative tank on empty.

Then David meets Robert on a dating app, and his confidence and charm are the perfect distraction from another evening spent staring at a blank page. But when David wakes up hungover and finds Robert dead next to him, his anxiety about the future disappears in the face of the alarmingly chaotic present. Faced with the possibility that he may have killed Robert, David calls the one person he trusts in moments of crisis: his literary agent, Stacey.

Together, David and Stacey must get rid of Robert’s body, cover their tracks, and spin the events of that one crazy morning into a novel. This could very well be the story David has been looking for all along, and the one that will help him turn his luck around. If only he can find a way to get away with it first.

Bursting with energy, I MIGHT BE IN TROUBLE is a satirical look at the intersection of art and commerce, and a madcap adventure of a young man trying to navigate life’s disappointments, certain to resonate with anyone who has found themselves at a crossroads of their life, wondering: how the f**k did I get here?

Daniel Aleman is the award-winning author of Indivisible and Brighter Than the Sun. Born and raised in Mexico City, he has lived in various places across North America and is currently based in Toronto.

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