With the urgency of Naomi Klein and the expert on-the-ground reporting of Elizabeth Kolbert, Jackie Snow’s PREDICTED FUTURES dives into the world of climate change and technology and emerges with a rare find: hope.

How Artificial Intelligence Could Save the Natural World
by Jackie Snow
(via The Friedrich Agency)

Using case studies that range from AI assisted reforestation in Australia to coral mapping in Belize, PREDICTED FUTURES is a cohesive, imagery-rich narrative arguing for AI’s uniquely qualified ability to help us protect our planet. Written with elegance and authority, this galvanizing proposal is free of hysteria but clear-eyed about what it will take—and more importantly, what is already being done—to save our cherished world.

Jackie Snow is a multimedia journalist published by National Geographic, the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, and others. She reported a 10-part series for PBS called “AI for Good,” and received the Harvard Medical School Media Fellowship in 2019.

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