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A motivational guide for managers and employees alike that offers a three-step process to developing emotional maturity and building trust at work, becoming more emotionally and socially intelligent leaders and coworkers, and, as a result, increasing productivity and enjoyment in the workplace

Three Steps to Grow Your Emotional Intelligence for Success in Life and Leadership
by Susan Packard
TarcherPerigee/PRH, TBA

Previous works on emotional intelligence (known at “EQ”) by psychologist and bestselling author Daniel Goleman and authors Travis Bradberry and Jean Greaves outlined how achieving success was not only due to knowledge, but also to understanding and engaging in the human side of business interactions. In her book, Packard introduces the three steps the reader needs as the prep work to become emotionally intelligent, and then outlines the practices required to build trust with others and maintain a state of “EQ Readiness” as you rise in your career, and throughout it. She shares her experiences as a senior leader and coach, as well as the experiences of other workers and leaders, to show how rich your work and life can become by doing both the inner work to grow your self-awareness, and the outer work to effectively build trust with others.
You can act like you’re high in EQ,” says Packard, “but if it’s still all about you, you’re not leadership material yet. EQ-ready leaders shift their mindsets and approaches from ‘me’ to ‘we’ and through doing so, build healthy, emotionally rich, and profitable work cultures.” 

EMOTIONS AT WORK is Packard’s second book, following her popular “New Rules of the Game”, a business guide to show women winning methods to succeed at work, based upon her successful career at HGTV. Under Packard’s helm, HGTV became one of the fastest growing cable networks in television history. Today, HGTV is available in more than 99 million U.S. homes and distributed in 175 countries and territories. Packard helped build Scripps Networks Interactive to a market value of more than $10 billion.



The best-selling author of The Happiness Advantage reveals why our potential is not limited by what we on our own can achieve; rather, our success is amplified by the successes of those around us

How Transforming the Pursuit of Success Raises Our Achievement, Happiness, and Well-Being
by Shawn Achor
Crown Business, February 2018

Shawn Achor offers five strategies for exponentially raising our achievement and performance by helping others – colleagues, teams, and employees – be better. For decades, we have thought about potential as a being a constellation of individual traits: your creativity, your abilities, your intelligence. But new research shows that this version of potential – what Achor calls Small Potential – is deeply flawed, and places a ceiling on the level of success we can achieve. To lift this ceiling and reach new vistas in our careers, we must strive for Big Potential. Big Potential works not in isolation, but rather a part of an ecosystem: so that when we help those around us succeed, we not only raise the performance of the group, we also make ourselves better. Drawing on cutting-edge original research, as well as his work with executives, educators, and leaders around the globe, Achor shows how we all have the power to amplify our own potential by helping others realize theirs.

Shawn Achor has become one of the world’s leading experts on the connection between happiness, success, and potential. His research on mindset made the cover of Harvard Business Review, and his TED talk is one of the most popular of all time with almost 14 million views. He is the author of “The Happiness Advantage” and “Before Happiness”.

Rights sold: Somos Educacao (Brazil), CITIC Press (China), China Times (Taiwan), Virgin Books (UK)


The author of the New York Times Bestseller THE $100 STARTUP shows how to launch a profitable side hustle in just 27 days

From Idea to Income in 27 Days
by Chris Guillebeau
Crown Business, September 2017

To some people, the thought of quitting their day job to strike out on their own is exhilarating. To many others, it’s terrifying. After all, a stable job that delivers a regular paycheck is a blessing. And not everyone has the means—or even the desire—to take on the risks and responsibilities of working for themselves.
But what if we could quickly and easily create an additional stream of income without giving up the security of a full-time job? Enter the solution for anyone wanting to make more money, pursue a passion, and enjoy the freedom of entrepreneurship alongside their steady job.
Chris Guillebeau is no stranger to side hustles, having launched close to a dozen over his career. Here he offers a step-by-step guide that takes you from idea to income in just 27 days. Designed for the busy and impatient, this detailed road map will show you how to select, launch, refine, and make money from your side hustle in under a month.
A side hustle is more than just another stream of income; it’s also a form of job security. Because when you receive paychecks from different sources, it allows you to take more chances in your “regular” career.
You don’t need entrepreneurial experience to launch a profitable side hustle. You don’t have to have a business degree, or know how to code, or be an expert marketer. You don’t need employees or investors. With Guillebeau as a guide, anyone can learn to build a fast track to freedom.

Chris Guillebeau is the New York Times bestselling author of books including The $100 Startup, The Happiness of Pursuit, and The Art of Non-Conformity. He is also the founder and host of Side Hustle School, a daily podcast with more than 2 million downloads per month. During a lifetime of self-employment and side hustling, he visited every country in the world (193 in total) before his 35th birthday.


From an+1 Magazine that drew so much web traffic that it shut down the magazine’s web site for two weeks…

A Memoir
by Anna Wiener
MCD Books, TBA
Proposal available

The memoir is about Anna’s time in Silicon Valley, but it’s also a broader, more literary, snapshot of the tech world right now and the ambivalent feelings many people have about living in the digital age. It’s told in a voice that’s smart and insightful, drawing from Anna’s experiences working at start-ups.

Note from the agent: “By the time n+1 published the essay out of which this book grew last year—it was so widely shared, especially within the tech world, that the traffic shut down the magazine’s website for two weeks—I’d already spent several years wondering who was going to write the LIAR’S POKER of Silicon Valley. But reading Anna Wiener’s 6,000 words on her time in the funhouse of tech made me realize I’d been looking for the wrong kind of book. The tech world may have supplanted Wall Street as a locus of wealth and an object of cultural fascination, but the difference between the surreal worlds of money and hubris in which Anna and Michael Lewis spent their late twenties is that Silicon Valley is supposed to mean something more than money, even though there’s plenty of it—it’s what drew her to it in the first place, and it’s in part why she’s still there. Hence the ambivalence that pervades her reflections in these pages on her initial arrival and immersion in the Valley, as she realizes that the men who claim to be building our future are mostly making it up as they go along, their surplus capital transforming a city into a place that’s increasingly unrecognizable to the society their decisions are helping to shape, and not always in the ways they’re intended. Anna’s journey through the world that produces so much of the “scaffolding of everyday life,” as she puts it, prefigures our own evolving attitudes toward digital technology— something we can’t and don’t want to do without, but which we’re rapidly realizing can and must be made better.”

Rights sold to Adelphi (Italy) on preempt

Anna Wieners work has appeared in The New York Times Magazine, The Atlantic, New York, Harper’s, The New Republic, n+1, and online at The New Yorker, as well as in Best American Nonrequired Reading 2017. She has been called “Joan Didion at a startup” by Rebecca Solnit, on the social network everyone hates. She lives in San Francisco and (still) works at a tech company.


For most people, budgeting conjures up the same feelings as, say, prison and dieting. But your initial instinct couldn’t be further from the truth. You just haven’t budgeted the right way

The Proven System for Breaking the Paycheck-to-Paycheck Cycle, Getting Out of Debt, and Living the Life You Want
by Jesse Mecham
HarperBusiness, December 2017

YOU NEED A BUDGET will teach you four simple rules to completely revolutionize the way you think about managing your money. With a budget, you’ll break the paycheck-to-paycheck cycle, get out of debt, and save more money. A liberating, enabling, empowering budget will actually make you feel more free, not more restricted. The YNAB philosophy is centered around these four rules: 1. Give every dollar a job. Take your cash, checking, and saving accounts and assign jobs to that money. Begin now with what you have on hand. Then follow your plan. Pick your priorities, and make sure your dollars are helping you move closer to the things you care about most. 2. Embrace your true expenses. Look ahead and identify the larger, less frequent expenses that tend to sneak up on you. Break those expenses into manageable monthly amounts. Consider insurance premiums, birthdays, holidays, charitable giving, car repairs, etc. This practice evens out your cash outflows, decreases your stress, and helps you make better decisions. 3. Roll with the punches. Accept the fact that life always changes and you’ll likely always go over budget somewhere. If an unexpected expense comes up and you need to change your budget, just change it. The YNAB philosophy not only tolerates changing your budget, but rather encourages it. 4. Age your money. The goal of this rule is to increase the time between the moment you earn money, and the moment you spend that money. In other words, if you’re going to break the paycheck-to-paycheck cycle, you need to learn to live on money you earned a month or two months or even three months ago. YNAB’s four rules are the pillars of a tried-and-true system that gets you to engage with your money every day. It helps you change your behavior so that you’re proactive and in control of your finances. It’s not about stressing over last month’s statement; instead, you’re looking ahead and actively deciding how you want-and need to build a life of meaning not stress.

Jesse Mecham founded YNAB in 2004 because he and his new wife Julie were broke. They were students with big dreams and very few dollars between them, so they knew they needed to watch their money. Jesse was studying for his Masters of Accountancy at Brigham Young University at the time, so he put his numbers wizardry to work to develop this system to track their expenses.


This part self-help part business book from entrepreneur, investor, NYT bestselling author, and media guru Randi Zuckerberg, gives permission to be well-lopsided in a world of people seeking to be well-balanced

The Joy of Being Well-Lopsided in a Well-Balanced World
by Randi Zuckerberg
Dey Street, May 2018

Work. Sleep. Fitness. Family. Friends. Pick Three.
In a world of needing to always Lean In and perfect the art of work-life balance, we’re taught that we can do everything, we just need to balance it all. But Randi Zuckerberg, sister of Mark Zuckerberg and a social media powerhouse in her own right, doesn’t believe in being well-balanced, she believes in being well-lopsided. You can’t do it all every day, but you can choose the things to focus on each day—work, sleep, fitness, family, friends: Pick Three.
Randi coined the concept of Pick Three as “The Entrepreneur’s Dilemma” a few years ago, and it immediately went viral. Now, in her book, she inspires others to follow her lead. From entrepreneurs to women in Silicon Valley to busy parents to students to professionals, Randi is helping people learn to slough off the unrealistic burden of balance and enjoy success in their own lives—picking the three areas of your life you want to focus on in any given day.
This practical handbook includes stories from Randi’s career learning that there’s no such thing as a perfect balance—as well as countless other stories of professionals at the top of the biggest businesses in Silicon Valley to new moms searching for permission to focus on family to new graduates who’ve been told they have to balance it all right out of the gate. PICK THREE is a prescriptive and motivational guide to learning to embrace the well-lopsided life.

Randi Zuckerberg is a New York Times bestselling author of two books. Dot Complicated discusses Randi’s personal journey on the front lines of social media and her thoughts on how technology is changing our lives, for the better and for the much more complicated. The book inspired the weekly business radio show « Dot Complicated with Randi Zuckerberg » on the business channel of SiriusXM.

Regularly sought-after speaker on the topic across the globe: Randi speaks at over 50 events each year, and was on the road for over 100 days this past year. She has begun speaking about Pick Three at many of these talks and speaking engagements, and the concept has resonated strongly with audiences. Her average speaking audience is 2000-5000 people.


A book that will help women identify specific behaviors that keep them from realizing their full potential, no matter what stage they are in their career

by Sally Helgesen and Marshall Goldsmith
Hachette Books, April 2018

Since the publication of his international bestseller What Got You Here Won’t Get You There, business guru Marshall Goldsmith has spoken to hundreds of thousands of people around the world, sharing the ideas he put forth in that groundbreaking book. But a few years ago, he realized that while some of the habits he outlined in What Got You Here apply to both men and women, women face specific, and different, challenges as they seek to advance in their careers.
So he partnered with his longtime colleague, women’s leadership expert Sally Helgesen, to create this invaluable handbook for women trying to take the next step in their careers. They realized that for women in particular, the very skills and habits that made them successful early in their careers could actually be holding them back as they advance to the next stage of their working lives. Women in particular struggle with habits like:

1. Reluctance to Claim Your Achievements
2. Expecting Others to Spontaneously Notice and Reward Your Hard Work
3. Overvaluing Expertise
4. Building Rather than Leveraging Relationships
5. Failing to Enlist Allies from Day One
6. Putting Your Job Before Your Career
7. The Disease to Please
8. The Perfection Trap
9. Minimizing
10. Too Much
11. Ruminating
12. Letting Your Radar Distract You

Sally Helgesen‘s work is widely regarded as the gold standard when it comes to women’s leadership. Since the publication of “The Female Advantage in 1990” (still in print), she has written five more books in the field and speaks to audiences all around the world about these issues. Clients have included Microsoft, IBM, Johnson & Johnson, Prudential Financial, Pfizer, Textron, Hewlett Packard, The World Bank, and dozens more. She has led seminars at the Harvard Graduate School of Education and Smith College, and her work has been featured in Fortune, The New York Times, Fast Company, and Business Week.

Marshall Goldsmith is America’s preeminent executive coach. Marshall’s “What Got You Here” and “Triggers” are both ranked by Amazon in the Top 100 Best Books of all time in the leadership and success category. “What Got You Here”, “Triggers”, and “MOJO” were all The New York Times best-sellers and “Triggers” hit #1 on The Wall Street Journal‘s best-seller list and was chosen by Amazon as the Best Business Book of the year when it was published in 2015. “What Got You Here” won the Harold Longman Award for the Best Business Book of the year.


Based on surveys of more than 35,000 leaders, interviews of more than 200 C-suite executives, and an extensive study of evidence-based research in leadership, and filled with inspiring stories and practical step-by-step ideas for adopting new practices, THE MIND OF THE LEADER has the potential to change how you lead yourself and your people and to transform your organization

How to Lead Yourself, Your People, and Your Organization for Extraordinary Results
by Rasmus Hougaard and Jacqueline Carter
Harvard Business Review Press, March 2018

Most leaders think they’re effective at motivating their employees, but study after study shows that employees are more disengaged and uninspired than ever. The solution lies not in more management training or fun off-sites but in looking within–into the mind of the leader. Based on their years-long research and practice, Rasmus Hougaard and Jacqueline Carter, of the Potential Project, have conclusively found that three qualities stand out as being foundational for leaders today: mindfulness, selflessness, and compassion–what they call the MSC Leadership Mind, the ideal mind of the leader.
Mindfulness addresses the distractedness that kills our focus, stunts our productivity, and makes us action-addicted multitaskers. Selflessness addresses the general lack of fulfillment in work life by helping us–and the people we lead–find true happiness and meaning. And compassion addresses today’s social disintegration by enhancing true human connections, followership, and engagement.
While some think these traits are innate, Hougaard and Carter, together with hundreds of their associates working with thousands of leaders around the world, have developed a system to help leaders of all kinds learn and cultivate the MSC Leadership Mind. By addressing their own needs first, then those of their people, and finally the culture of their organization, every leader can learn to embody what makes for great leadership in today’s challenging organizational environment. 

Rasmus Hougaard is an internationally acknowledged expert in training the mind to be focused and clear at work. He is the founder of The Potential Project–a leading global provider of corporate-based mindfulness solutions operating in 20 countries. He and his teams are training senior executives, leaders and employees in organizations like Google, Nike, Accenture, GE, and many other organizations in North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia. 

Jacqueline Carter is a Partner of Potential Project International and Director of The Potential Project North America. Her clients include Cisco, Accenture, LVMH, and the Royal Bank of Canada. She holds a master’s degree in organizational behavior and worked with Deloitte’s Change Leadership Practice. Jacqueline has lived and worked in Canada, the United States, Australia, and Singapore.


Facebook co-founder Chris Hughes makes the case that one percenters like him should pay their fortune forward in a radically simple way: a guaranteed income for working people

Rethinking Inequality and How We Earn
by Chris Hughes
St. Martin’s Press, February 2018  

The first half of Chris Hughes’ life played like a movie reel right out of the « American Dream. » He grew up in a small town in North Carolina. His parents were people of modest means, but he was accepted into an elite boarding school and then Harvard, both on scholarship. There, he met Mark Zuckerberg and Dustin Moskovitz and became one of the co-founders of Facebook.
In telling his story, Hughes demonstrates the powerful role fortune and luck play in today’s economy. Through the rocket ship rise of Facebook, Hughes came to understand how a select few can become ultra-wealthy nearly overnight. He believes the same forces that made Facebook possible have made it harder for everyone else in America to make ends meet.
To help people who are struggling, Hughes proposes a simple, bold solution: a guaranteed income for working people, including unpaid caregivers and students, paid for by the one percent. The way Hughes sees it, a guaranteed income is the most powerful tool we have to combat poverty and stabilize America’s middle class. Money―cold hard cash with no strings attached―gives people freedom, dignity, and the ability to climb the economic ladder.
A guaranteed income for working people is the big idea that’s missing in the national conversation. This book, grounded in Hughes’ personal experience, will start a frank conversation about how we earn in modern America, how we can combat income inequality, and ultimately, how we can give everyone a fair shot.

Chris Hughes is the co-founder of the Economic Security Project, a network of policymakers, academics, and technologists working to end poverty and rebuild the middle class through a guaranteed income. He co-founded Facebook as a student at Harvard and later led Barack Obama’s digital organizing campaign for President. A former owner of The New Republic magazine, Hughes lives in New York’s Greenwich Village with his family.


A personal account of what it was like to work at Apple during the last few years of Steve Jobs era

Fifteen Years of Making Products at Apple and What That Taught Me About Doing Great Work
by Ken Kocienda
St. Martin’s Press, March 2019

From 2001 to 2017 Ken Kocienda was a software engineer and designer at Apple. In CREATIVE SELECTION he gives his personal account of what it was like to work at Apple during the last few years of the Steve Jobs era—from demo-ing products for Steve Jobs, to helping create software for products like the iPhone, the iPad, and WebKit, the most popular software in the world for browsing the web. Throughout, Kocienda shares the principles he and his colleagues used at Apple to do their best, most innovative work and to make great products, including the demo-driven iterative creative selection method used for turning ideas into finished work. The book is an inside look at how a group of software engineers and designers made world-changing products the Apple way.
Each chapter is built around an individual story followed by commentary drawing out lessons. Ken ultimately derives a series of seven principles or “main ingredients” for making great products.
The book is not only the author’s personal account of what it was like to work in software development at Apple during the last few years of the Steve Jobs era, which will appeal to the many fans of Apple, but it is also a look at what goes into great product design, something that will appeal to designers, artists, and anyone who works for a company that is trying to make the next great product.

Ken Kocienda was a software engineer and designer at Apple.1

A book based on the wisdom about money and happiness from a Japanese author who have sold more than 7 million copies of his books in Japan

The Millionaire’s Philosophy for a Happy Life
by Ken Honda
North Star Way, Fall 2018

Happy Money offers a Zen approach to money. As he grew more successful and shared the knowledge he had gained about money, Ken saw that the people who were most at peace with money were the ones who walked nimbly between having too little and having too much. The point is to find balance between indulgence and austerity; between success and happiness; between motivation and inspiration; and between any number of other poles we tend to think of as either/or choices, but which in reality are simply posts on either side of a doorway through which we must pass. When we learn that money flows like water and arrives like a guest; understand the different “money types” (personality types for how people use money); identify our underlying financial blueprint shaped by our family’s beliefs about money; and heal the fear and anxiety we have about money…we successfully achieve prosperity and peace.

Ken Honda’s career started twelve years ago when he published a pamphlet: “Eight Steps to Happiness and Prosperity.” The goal was to teach people Zen principles about money so that they could find peace and prosperity. Organically, the pamphlet developed astonishing momentum, and before long, Ken was sending copies all over the world. Ken estimates that he has distributed 1.3 million+ copies to date. In 2002, a publisher called proposing that Ken write a book based on the principles in “Eight Steps to Happiness and Prosperity,” and a year later, he published THE MILLIONAIRE’S PHILOSOPHY FOR A HAPPY LIFE, which has sold 1 million+ books to date. Since then, Ken has sold over 7 million copies of all of his books, his podcast has been downloaded 23 million+ times, and his 1000-seat seminars routinely sell out within minutes.


Stack the odds in your favor and start building your wealth today!

Avoid the 7 Wealth Traps, Implement the 7 Business Pillars, and Complete a Life Audit Today!
by David Osborn and Paul Morris
Greenleaf Book Group Press
, April 2017

David Osborn and Paul Morris, two of the most popular and celebrated wealth-building minds in the game today, have mastered the art and science of sustainable wealth creation through entrepreneurship, passion, and a relentless focus on growth, success, and fulfillment. In Wealth Can’t Wait, they share their decades of knowledge, debunk the myth that building wealth is often difficult, and demonstrate how you can create horizontal income streams to enjoy more financial freedom throughout your life.
Far from a get-rich-quick formula, Wealth Can’t Wait equips you with a comprehensive set of wealth-building skills that will serve you throughout your life. Osborn and Morris’s tested and proven five-part strategy outlines what is required to build wealth—from making the initial choice to dealing with setbacks—and details how to cultivate the mindset, habits, business, and momentum to secure the greatest results. The book’s valuable tips, building blocks, and lessons from the authors’ own experiences will inspire you to start achieving your financial ambitions today. 

David Osborn has built one of the top real estate brokerages in the world with more than 4,500 agents and annual sales volume exceeding $8.5 billion per year. As a serial entrepreneur, David founded over 50 companies with at least 25 that are ongoing profitable concerns. He employs exceptional people and distributes millions of dollars to his partners. David is also an educator, who teaches audiences how to live abundant lives through goal-setting, hiring great talent, and developing multiple streams of income. As an adventurer, David constantly strives for new goals that will stretch and expose him to new ways of thinking, including summiting Mt. Kilimanjaro, traveling one way around the world, and visiting over 65 countries. 

Paul Morris is a prolific and award-winning entrepreneur, trainer, author, and business consultant. As an active investor, he has grown his real estate portfolio to more than 700 rental units and 150,000 square feet of retail commercial space. In 10 years he transformed his California-based real estate brokerage business into the second largest Keller Williams franchise with 10 offices employing 2,200 agents. Paul graduated magna cum laude in economics from the University of Pittsburgh, has a masters in management from Oxford, and a JD from Cornell Law.


An entertainment and tech insider—YouTube’s chief business officer—delivers the first detailed account of the rise of YouTube, the creative minds who have capitalized on it to become pop culture stars, and how streaming video is revolutionizing the media world

YouTube et les Rebels Remaking Media

by Robert Kyncl
, September 2017

In the past ten years, the internet video platform YouTube has changed media and entertainment as profoundly as the invention of film, radio, and television did, more than six decades earlier. Streampunks is a firsthand account of this upstart company, examining how it evolved and where it will take us next.
Sharing behind-the-scenes stories of YouTube’s most influential stars—Streampunks like Tyler Oakley, Lilly Singh, and Casey Neistat—and the dealmakers brokering the future of entertainment like Scooter Braun and Shane Smith, Robert Kyncl uses his experiences at three of the most innovative media companies, HBO, Netflix, and YouTube, to tell the story of streaming video and this modern pop culture juggernaut. Collaborating with Google speechwriter Maany Peyvan, Kyncl explains how the new rules of entertainment are being written and how and why the media landscape is radically changing, while giving aspiring Streampunks some necessary advice to launch their own new media careers.
Kyncl persuasively argues that, despite concerns about technology impoverishing artists or undermining artistic quality, the new media revolution is actually fueling a creative boom and leading to more compelling, diverse, and immersive content. Enlightening, surprising, and thoroughly entertaining, Streampunks is a revelatory ride through the new media rebellion that is reshaping our world.

Robert Kyncl is the Chief Business Officer at YouTube where he oversees all commercial and creative relationships for the platform. Previously, Robert was Vice President of Content at Netflix, where he spearheaded the company’s content acquisition for streaming TV shows and movies over the Internet. Robert has been listed in Variety’s Dealmakers Impact Report as one of their “disruptors”, Vanity Fair’s New Establishment List, Billboard’s Power 100 List and AdWeek’s 50 List of Vital Leaders in Tech, Media and Marketing. Robert holds a Masters of Business Administration from Pepperdine University and a B.S. in International Relations from SUNY New Paltz.