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Structured like a Bollywood film (entertaining intermission included!) Arya Khanna’s Bollywood Moment will make you swoon, laugh, cry, think, nod your head in agreement, and quite possibly: make you get up and dance.

by Arushi Avachat
Wednesday Books, January 2024

Shaadi preparations are in full swing, which means lehenga shopping, taste testing, dance rehearsals, and best of all, Arya’s sister, Alina, is home. The Khannas are together again, finally, and Arya wants to enjoy it. So, she stifles her lingering resentment towards Alina, plays mediator during her sister’s fights with their mother, and welcomes her sister’s fiancé with open arms. (Okay, maybe enjoy it is the wrong word.)

Meanwhile, at school, Arya’s senior year dreams are unraveling. In between class and her part-time gig as a bookshop assistant, Arya struggles to navigate the aftermath of a bad breakup between her two best friends and a tense student council partnership with her rival, the obnoxiously attractive Dean Merriweather.

Arya is determined to keep the peace at home and at school, but this shaadi season teaches Arya new realities: Alina won’t always be in the bedroom down the hall, Mamma’s sadness isn’t mendable, friendships must evolve, and life doesn’t always work out like the Bollywood movies Arya loves so dearly. But sometimes, the person you least expect will give you a glimpse of your dream sequence just when you need it most.

Arushi Avachat is a writer from the Bay Area, California. She currently studies English and Political Science at UCLA, where she can be found sipping caramel lattes and pretending to be productive at Kerckhoff Coffee House. She is a contributor to the Young Adult anthology Study Break (Feiwel & Friends, March 2023). Arushi loves dark chocolate, Bollywood dramas, and Jane Austen novels.

ONCE A QUEEN de Sarah Arthur

Do you remember reading fairytales about kings and queens—realms filled with colorful stories of mythical creatures and adventures far from ordinary? Now, imagine if those fairytales were true and your grandmother was once a queen.

by Sarah Arthur
WaterBrook, January 2024

Welcome to fourteen-year old Eva Joyce’s world. In 1995, Eva and her mother spend the summer in England with her estranged grandmother. Upon arriving to her grandmother’s mysterious manor, Eva begins to unravel secrets lurking around the gardens and manor – some seemingly connected to the fairytales Eva’s mother use to tell her before bedtime.

She quickly learns she is not the only one who knows the stories of Terival and Mesterra. The groundskeeper and his grandson, Frankie, believe the stories that she thought were only fairytales are real. Eva is skeptical at first, until one night she unexplainably sees a woman and a white stag roaming the foggy gardens just below her bedroom window.

Could the fairytales really be true? Do portals to other worlds exist?

With Frankie’s help, Eva sets out to uncover the truth about her grandmother’s past and the magical realms around them, all while wrestling with the grief of a vanishing childhood—and the fear that growing up means giving up fairy tales forever.

Book 2 coming Spring 2025

Book 3 coming Spring 2026

Sarah Arthur is a fun-loving speaker and the author of a dozen books for teens and adults, including the bestselling Walking with Frodo: A Devotional Journey through The Lord of the Rings. She serves as preliminary fiction judge for the CT Book Awards, was a founding board member of the annual C. S. Lewis Festival in Northern Michigan, and codirects the Madeleine L’Engle Writing Retreats.


Emily Emerson Has Got The Grimm is a cinematic tale of friendship, bravery and the potent power of imagination, with an electric romance at its core. Perfect for readers of Sarah Maas, Jennifer Armentrout, JK Rowling and Annie Kirby, and fans of Wednesday and Marvel.

by Megan Freeman
Chicken House/Scholastic, Spring 2025
(via Northbank Talent Management)

What if magic wasn’t a gift, but a disease?

She was eight when she started showing signs of the disease. Odd dreams, hallucinations – impossible things that happen around her. Until one night Emily is rushed to the Wildsmoor Facility, a correctional school for afflicted children, where her life is changed forever.

Fast forward seven years and Emily is fifteen. Like a shadow she lives her days, each one blurring into the next, hardly aware of life passing her by. Until she meets Emir.

Emir isn’t like the other kids at Wildsmoor. He’s quicker, livelier, and says things that he shouldn’t – dangerous things. Emir is electric, in more ways than Emily can know. He introduces her to The Cure, a secret society for children who believe that The Grimm isn’t a disease at all, but a gift. As Emily starts to wake up, so do her strange abilities, and the outcome is magic.

Megan Freeman writes young adult fiction and loves all things magic and mythology. She juggles writing with her day job working for a children’s mental health charity, promoting wellbeing through surf therapy. Megan hails from the far west of Cornwall, and when she’s not working or writing, loves tramping around the moorland and swimming or surfing in the sea.


Seven friends throw a 1920s–themed party, where it’s all pretend—until one of them is murdered. One of Us Is Lying meets Knives Out in this glamorous locked-room mystery.

by Lauren Muñoz
Putnam, September 2023
(via Writers House)

Izzy Morales has spent four long years at Marian Academy ignoring whispers about her scholarship status and over-washed uniform while suffering the humiliation of waving to her math teacher-mum in the hallways. So when her best-friend Kassidy surprises her by inviting five of their friends to celebrate graduation by living like 1920s socialites at Ashwood Manor on Bartleby Island, Izzy is ecstatic about the escape and delighted about a week of fancy cocktails and even fancier dresses. But when Kassidy’s boyfriend turns up dead, the sparkling young socialites quickly become the prime suspects in his murder. Before they can flee back to the mainland, a raging storm traps them on the island with the criminal investigators including Pilar de León, a famous consulting detective whose quirky demeanour belies her killer instinct for sniffing out murderers. Everyone has a secret. Everyone has a motive. But only Izzy brought a knife to the party.

Lauren Muñoz is a writer, lawyer, and former teacher living in Southern California. She received her J.D. from Northwestern University in Chicago, where she frequently skipped class to commune with her sun lamp. When she’s not reading, she can be found knitting, crocheting, and collecting recipes for things she’ll never bake.

MARE OF NIGHT d’Emma Noyes

First of a YA fantasy romance trilogy by bestselling author of Guy’s Girl Emma Noyes, for fans of ‘The Vampire Diaries’ and Norse mythology.

(Ragnarok Rising #1)
by Emma Noyes
Wednesday Books, late 2023 TBD
(via The Whalen Agency)

© Magdalena Iskra


Charlie Hudson just wants to get through junior year. Since the death of her twin sister two years before, she has drifted through life, robbed of the spark that once burned so brightly within her—until the day her first classmate goes missing. Drawn to the disappearances by forces she can’t explain, Charlie soon finds herself investigating the mysterious, alluring newcomer in town, Elias Everhart. She knows Elias is hiding something, but what she doesn’t know is that those secrets will lead her to a place she never imagined: a world hiding in plain sight, made of magic, gods, and monsters—and a first love fated to fall apart.

Book 2: LIES OF LOKI and Book 3: SINS OF ODIN to follow.

Emma Noyes told her mother she wanted to be an author when she was six. She grew up in a suburb outside Chicago and attended Harvard University, where she studied history & literature. She started her career at a beer company, but left because she wanted to write about mermaids and witches—eventually publishing her first YA fantasy series, The Sunken City. She now lives in Chicago with her Swedish boyfriend and miniature Pomeranian. Guy’s Girl, her adult debut, will publish in October 2023.