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A debut middle-grade novel about a girl convinced she’s possessed by a demon who finds herself apprenticing in the kitchen of an elite magic school, only to discover a shocking secret that will upend her destiny—and potentially lead to her kingdom’s ruin. Irresistibly funny, imaginative, and full of heart – this debut has everything that makes middle-grade great!

by Isi Hendrix
‎ On submission in the US
(via Park & Fine Literary and Media)

Life in the Swamplands is tough for twelve-year-old orphan Adia. Her family thinks she’s a nuisance, the missionaries make daily life a misery, and the neighbors all believe her to be an ogbanje, a demon-possessed child thought to bring misfortune wherever they go. Adia can’t disagree: she blames herself for the death of her cousin EJ, and when she manifests mysterious, uncontrollable powers, she has to face the possibility that there might be something wicked within her.
When an offer for a kitchen apprenticeship at the faraway Academy of Shamans arrives on the same day she nearly flattens her whole town by accident, Adia seizes the opportunity to flee, with nothing but a small pouch of change, her cat Bubbles, and the hope that she’ll find someone at the school who can help figure out what is wrong with her—and fix it. But at the Academy , Adia stumbles upon a shocking secret. Darian, the ruthless emperor of Zaria, really is possessed, and by a demon said to be more wicked than any other: the mythical Olark. And he’s on the way to the school—for what purpose, no one knows.
Joining forces with a snarky Goddess, a knife-wielding 500-year-old girl, and a status-obsessed soldier boy, Adia goes on a mission through hidden realms to exorcise Olark from Darian, save her kingdom, and herself. But if she is to succeed, she will have to understand the mysterious powers that dwell inside her…and learn who she really is. Whatever choices Adia makes, the fate of the world hangs in the balance.
Bursting with imagination, heart, and humor, CHILDREN WHO COME AND GO is the type of immersive, action-packed adventure that readers of all ages will want to return to again and again, perfect for fans of magic school stories like SCHOOL FOR GOOD AND EVIL and fast-paced fantasy such as ARU SHAH AND THE END OF TIME. It’s an unputdownable story about carving your own path out in the world, and introduces Isi Hendrix as an exciting new talent in the middle-grade space.

Isi Hendrix is a Pitch Wars 2020 mentee and an Avengers of Color 2020 mentee. She has degrees in anthropology and psychology from USC and has spent many years living in the Amazon and Gabonese rainforests working with shamanic tribes. She is a Black feminist, avid gardener, and, to the horror of her goat meat-loving Nigerian mother, a vegan since kindergarten.


The host of the Mindset Mentor podcast shares the advice and tools from years of study and interviews that have worked for thousands of coaching clients.

Stop Sabotaging Yourself and Start Reaching Your Full Potential
by Rob Dial
HarperOne, Fall 2022
(via Park & Fine)

Rob Dial has transformed millions of lives through his role as host of the Mindset Mentor podcast, with 3.5 million downloads a month. His book will use principles of neuroplasticity and mindfulness to help readers change their brains and break out of self-sabotaging patterns. He uses personal stories to demonstrate how to create routines and tools that will help readers to visualize and achieve their success.
Rob receives thousands of DMs from listeners thanking him for helping them break life-long patterns of self-sabotage to finally change careers, lose weight, overcome anxiety, and find meaningful relationships. Self-sabotage keeps us locked in behaviors like procrastination, perfectionism, workaholism, and saying yes to commitments we can’t see through, ultimately preventing us from making progress toward our true goals. Our strongest emotions get the better of us, even with the best intentions. By drawing on principles of neuroplasticity and mindfulness techniques, you can change your brain and develop the willpower to break free of these self-sabotaging patterns.
In WILLPOWER WORKS, Rob will share the brain and personality science he has learned in years of study, the advice and tools that have worked for 1000s of coaching clients, and his personal journey of self-sabotage following the death of his alcoholic father while Rob was in his teens. Rob will promote his book through his podcast platform, which reaches 1.1M unique listeners per month with episodes featuring guests like Matthew McConaughey and Jay Shetty, and Facebook, where he has 2.6M followers and videos regularly go viral, such as “Your Job is a Waste of Your Life” with 99M+ views. He will also engage his network which includes Tom Bilyeu, Aubrey Marcus, Rich Roll, and more. His book would be his first foray into traditional media.

Rob Dial started his career in sales at age 19 and worked his way up to owning and operating a multi-million-dollar office by age 24. After studying with leaders in the personal development field, he launched his podcast, The Mindset Mentor, in 2015. In 2017, he started producing viral Facebook videos that have garnered upwards of 98M+ views, 51M+ view and 23M+ views, with totals well over a billion total views. He now reaches 3M+ followers on social media.


A book on the crisis of focus, by Dr. Gloria Mark, Chancellor’s Professor of Informatics at the University of California, Irvine, visiting senior researcher at Microsoft Research, and a leading expert in the fields of attention, multitasking, and human-computer interaction.

The Surprising Science of How We Focus, Why That’s Changing, and How Rhythm Became the New Flow
by Gloria Mark
Hanover Square Press, early 2023
(via Park & Fine)

The modern crisis of focus is not simply a matter of increased distractions that can be solved with a digital detox. It is a mental health crisis. It is the reason why Adam Grant’s recent New York Times piece on languishing gained so much traction. We feel it now especially, after a year of working from home, but it is a crisis that has been building for decades.
Dr. Mark’s work is unique in that she has been studying, observing, and experience sampling people in their real workplaces for 30 years, alongside the rise of the internet itself. And she has been able to empirically track our rapidly declining attention spans: in 2004, she found that office workers focused on one screen or tab for about 2.5 minutes on average before switching; in 2012, that time was only about 75 seconds; by 2017, it had gone down to 47 seconds. Now, it’s about 43 seconds. Popular media likes to focus on these statistics alone, but what Dr. Mark finds more pressing is the effect this trend is having on real people—dwindling attention spans, multitasking, and rapid task switching have all been associated with stress, anxiety, depression, and burnout.
When Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi’s
Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience was released in 1990, the world was a very different place—and Dr. Mark was just getting ready for one of her first jobs in the field, observing the effects of networked conference room computers on productivity (a study that now seems quite quaint). A lot has changed since then, and the way our minds work has changed with it. We need a new model for understanding what optimal experience looks like today.
In ATTENTION SPAN, Dr. Mark will introduce that new model: kinetic attention. Kinetic attention is attention that is dynamic or fleeting, and is now the dominant form attention in the modern world. Dr. Mark has found that flow—which requires lengthy periods of sustained focus—is extremely rare, especially when working on a computer (see: where most of us spend the majority of our time). But maintaining focus for long periods of time comes with its own drawbacks, too, and it requires a high degree of cognitive resources. So, just as constantly switching tasks can make us stressed, so too can long sustained periods of focus. What Dr. Mark recommends instead is to work with our tendency toward kinetic attention, not against it, and learn to focus in strategic rhythms that allow us periods of deep focus, but also less focused periods in which we can replenish our cognitive resources. This model also has the benefit of being more realistic for the demands of the modern workplace.

Dr. Gloria Mark is Chancellor’s Professor of Informatics at the University of California, Irvine, visiting senior researcher at Microsoft Research, and a leading expert in the fields of attention, multitasking, and human-computer interaction. Dr. Mark has spoken on stages that include SXSW, Talks at Google, Microsoft Faculty Summit, and the Aspen Ideas Festival, and her work has been featured in The New York Times, Fast Company, The Atlantic, The New Yorker, NPR, Quartz, Slate, and more.


A complicated—and often hilarious—love story about a Black high schooler’s experience with friends, family, and identity.

by Lane Clarke
Poppy/Little, Brown BFYR, May 2022
(via Park & Fine)

Navigating junior year, Michie is struggling to answer the question of who she is for her scholarship essays, the only chance she has at making it into Brown as a first-generation college student. Or maybe it’s not so much that Michie doesn’t know who she is as it is that she doesn’t like who she is: having been estranged from her mother from the age of five and surrendered to her grandmother, Michie has made an art of hiding, especially from herself. After all, if her own mother doesn’t think she’s worthy of love, who will?
Then a new student—basketball superstar Derek de la Rosa—enrolls in her school and enlists Michie as a tutor to catch up in Spanish class, turning Michie’s life upside down. Because, Derek? He is very cute, very talented, very popular, and very much has his eye on Michie, no matter how invisible she thinks she is.
When Michie’s mother reaches out to make amends, and with her scholarship essay deadline looming, Michie will have to decide if she wants to reopen old wounds or close the door on her past once and for all. And as she spends more time with Derek, she will have to figure out how close she can risk getting to him, and how much of her heart she is willing to share. Because while Michie may not know who she is, she’s starting to realize who she wants to become—if only she can take the chance: on Derek, on herself, and on her future.

Lane Clarke received her Bachelor’s Degree in English Literature from Virginia Tech, where she received an honorable mention in the 2015 Steger Poetry Prize, administered by Nikki Giovanni. She got her J.D. from Chicago University and now lives in Northern Virginia and practices law in Washington D.C. LOVE TIMES INFINITY is her debut novel.


THE SUN IS ALSO A STAR meets JUMANJI when two teens meet and fall in love during a layover-gone-wrong at the Atlanta airport in this thrilling new novel from the author of LET’S GET LOST!

by Adi Alsaid
Knopf BYR, June 2022
(via Park & Fine)

James and Michelle find themselves in the Atlanta airport on a layover. They couldn’t be more different, but seemingly interminable delays draw them both to a mysterious flashing green light—and each other.
Where James is passive, Michelle is anything but. And she quickly discovers that the flashing green light is actually… a button. Which she presses. Which may or may not unwittingly break the rules of the universe—at least as those rules apply to Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta.
Before they can figure up from down, strange, impossible things start happening: snowstorms form inside the B terminal; jungles sprout up in the C terminal; and earthquakes split the ground apart in between. And no matter how hard they try, it seems no one can find a way in or out of the airport. James and Michelle team up to find their families and either escape the airport, or put an end to its chaos—before it’s too late.

Adi Alsaid was born and raised in Mexico City, where he spilled hot sauce on things. Along with writing and traveling the world, Adi has coached high school and elementary school basketball. In addition to Mexico, he has lived in Tel Aviv, Las Vegas, Monterey and Chicago. His previous YA books include Let’s Get Lost, Never Always Sometimes, North of Happy, Brief Chronicle of Another Stupid Heartbreak, and We Didn’t Ask for This.