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A spellbinding story about a renowned Nashville brothel during the Civil War, a centuries-old secret society, and the earth-shaking power of women—charged with suspense, mystery, and sapphic romance.

by Jen Fawkes
The Overlook Press, July 2024

The year is 1862, and the United States Civil War is in full force. After a harrowing tragedy at home, 19-year-old Sylvie Swift finds herself living in a brothel in Nashville, the Union headquarters, a river city overflowing with soldiers, commanders, politicians, and powerful men––and powerful women. Targeted by a Union colonel and trained to be a spy against suspected Confederate secret societies, Sylvie suddenly finds herself neck-deep in an underground world she never expected: Also at work in Nashville is a centuries-old feminist cult populated by the women Sylvie thought she knew, including Hannah, a revolutionary with whom Sylvie falls headfirst into a heart-wrenching romance. She soon becomes entwined in the lives of the Daughters of Chaos, steadfast in their centuries-long mission to confront and eradicate the injustices enacted by the men who think they’re in charge.

Inspired both by Aristophanes’
Lysistrata, about women who strategically withhold sex from their warring men, and by the true story of Nashville’s attempt to ban its “public women” during wartime, DAUGHTERS OF CHAOS journeys through Ancient Greece, the Renaissance, and American history as Sylvie navigates the complex mythology of this secret world of women against the backdrop of a transformative American conflict.

Jen Fawkes is the author of Mannequin and Wife, a 2020 Shirley Jackson Award Nominee, winner of the 2023 Phillip H. McMath Post-Publication Book Award, and Foreword INDIES gold medalist. Her collection Tales the Devil Told Me was a Foreword INDIES silver medal recipient, Largehearted Boy Favorite Collection of 2021, and finalist for the 2022 World Fantasy Award for Single-Author Story Collection. Her fiction won the 2021 Porter Fund Literary Prize and has appeared in One Story, Lit Hub, The Iowa Review, Crazyhorse, Best Small Fictions, and more. A two-time finalist for the Calvino Prize for fabulist fiction, Jen lives in Little Rock, Arkansas.

IN DARKNESS d’Andrew Reid

Fired on his first day at work, Ben Cross has hit rock bottom. Now, he’s trapped on a subway train with an anonymous killer sending messages to his phone, taunting him with pictures of the next person to die. The only way out is to confront his past, and the dark secret he fears binds them.

by Andrew Reid
Minotaur/St. Martin’s Press, 2026
(via Mushens Entertainment)

Ben thought that he put his past behind him, but his new life in New York becomes a nightmare when a killer starts sending him pictures of their targets. Trapped on the subway, he is forced to play a deadly game of cat and mouse, with instructions to stop them from getting off the train or else they will be killed. But the clock is ticking, and the cops want a quick resolution to what they consider a PR nightmare. And as more and more of Ben’s past comes to light, it seems like he is the perfect suspect. As his options run out, Ben joins forces with a disgraced NYPD detective to try and find the killer and stop them before they can hurt anyone else.

Perfect for fans of claustrophobic, high concept thrillers such as Falling by TJ Newman, Elevator Pitch by Linwood Barclay and The Chain by Adrian McKinty.

Born in Scotland, Andrew Reid trained as a research chemist, working between the US and UK on projects including drug development and DNA testing. He currently teaches Science and Technology, and creates STEM education resources. He lives in Stockholm with his wife, three children, and two cats.

AKIKOS STILLES GLÜCK de Jan-Philipp Sendker

Where does your own personal story begin? A young woman searching for the truth about herself – a profoundly human and heartwarming story.

(Akiko’s Quiet Happiness)
by Jan-Philipp Sendker
Blessing/PRH Verlagsgruppe, September 2024

Ever since her mother’s death, 29-year-old Akiko has led a modest and reclusive life in Tokyo. Her monotonous job as a bookkeeper offers little excitement, and she has no real friends or family. Then, one evening, she runs into an old face from her schooldays: Kento is an outsider, just like her, and even back then she always felt drawn to him. As if that wasn’t enough, Akiko is shocked to discover that the man she thought of as her dad was in fact only a hired actor, paid by her single mother to play a part. Akiko begins to wonder: is everything a lie? And, more profoundly: who is she, really?
And so Akiko embarks on a journey into her own history – a physical and emotional journey she never thought herself capable of…

The major new novel by one the most successful German-language authors. A touching Japan-based tale in a stunning, atmospheric setting.

Jan-Philipp Sendker, born in Hamburg, spent many years working as US and Asia correspondent for Stern magazine. After a further spell in the US, he returned to Germany, and has since published several books, including a collection of portraits entitled Risse in der Großen Mauer (« Cracks in the Great Wall »; Blessing, 2000). His bestselling novel Das Herzenhören (« Listening to heartbeats », 2002) was followed by Das Flüstern der Schatten (« Whispering shadows », 2007), Drachenspiele (« Dragon games », 2009), Herzenstimmen (« Speaking hearts », 2012), Am anderen Ende der Nacht (« At the far end of the night », 2016), Das Geheimnis des alten Mönches (« The old monk’s secret », 2017), Das Gedächtnis des Herzens (« Heart memories », 2019) and Die Rebellin und der Dieb (« The rebel and the thief », 2021). His books have been translated into more than 35 languages, and have sold more than 3 million copies worldwide, making him one of the most successful German-language authors today.

CASTLE SWIMMER de Wendy Martin

For fans of HEARTSTOPPER, NIMONA, and THE GIRL FROM THE SEA, this is a heartwarming and fun tale of defying fate with YA crossover appeal.

by Wendy Martin
Ten Speed Graphic/Crown, October 2024

From the moment Kappa tumbles into existence on the ocean floor, his life’s purpose is already decided for him: He is the Beacon, a light to all sea creatures, and destined to fulfill their many prophesies. In high demand and under immense pressure, Kappa quickly realizes that fame and glory are small compensation for a life of predetermined self-sacrifice.

Unable to resist the call of destiny due to a magical yellow cord that appears from his chest and pulls him inexorably to any sea creatures he swims by, Kappa ultimately finds himself drawn to the Shark kingdom, where he is immediately imprisoned. The Sharks’ prophecy states that the curse maiming their people will only be lifted once their prince, Siren, kills the Beacon. But when Prince Siren decides to defy fate and help Kappa escape, Kappa realizes that there might be more to life than fulfilling endless prophesies, leading to a raucous adventure as big and unpredictable as the ocean itself—and a romance that nobody could have predicted.

Episodes 1-19 of Webtoon’s Castle Swimmer Season 1 is collected in this stunning graphic novel, which also includes a never-before-seen bonus chapter featuring Kappa and Siren.

Wendy Martin is the creator of Webtoon’s Castle Swimmer. She currently resides in Seattle, Washington.

WESTFALLEN d’Ann Brashares et Ben Brashares

A mind-bending, time-warp, action-packed new middle-grade trilogy from #1 New York Times bestselling Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants author Ann Brashares and her brother Ben Brashares! Six well-meaning kids change the course of history in the worst possible way, in a thrilling new story that asks what life would be like today had Germany won World War II. Welcome to WESTFALLEN!

by Ann Brashares and Ben Brashares
Simon & Schuster, September 2024
(via Writers House)

Henry, Frances, and Lukas are neighbours, and they used to be best friends. But in middle school Frances became too cool, Lukas got into baseball, and Henry just felt left behind. When a dead gerbil brings them together again for a pet funeral, the three ex-friends make a mind-blowing discovery: a radio, buried in Henry’s backyard, that allows them to talk to another group of kids in the same town . . . in the same backyard . . . eighty years in the past.

The kids in 1944 want to know about the future: are there jetpacks? Laser guns? Is there teleportation? Most of all, they want to know about the outcome of the world war their dad and brothers are fighting in. Henry is cautious—he’s seen movies about what happens when you disrupt the fabric of time—but figures there’s no harm in telling them a little bit. And, at first, nothing changes—well, nothing big, anyway.

Until one conversation between the new friends changes history in the biggest way possible. And now it’s up to Henry, Frances, and Lukas to change it back.

Ann Brashares is the author of the global phenomenon Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants series, as well as several other novels. Before becoming a writer, she was a student of philosophy, a receptionist, an editor, a ghostwriter, and, briefly, the copresident of a small media company.

Ben Brashares is the author of Being Edie Is Hard Today and The Great Whipplethorp Bug Collection. He holds an MFA in creative writing and has worked at and written for several magazines, including Rolling Stone, Men’s Journal, and Entertainment Weekly.