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La série adaptée du roman DAISY JONES & THE SIX de Taylor Jenkins Reid très prochainement sur Amazon Prime

L’adaptation audiovisuelle de la biographie fictive d’un groupe de rock des années 1970 à la Fleetwood Mac imaginé par Taylor Jenkins Reid dans son roman DAISY JONES & THE SIX sera diffusée à partir du 3 mars prochain sur la plateforme Amazon Prime Video.

Structuré comme le serait un documentaire musical, le roman se prête parfaitement à l’adaptation télévisuelle. Les droits ont d’ailleurs été acquis très tôt par Hello Sunshine, la société de production de Reese Witherspoon. La série très attendue racontera l’histoire de l’ascension fulgurante du groupe de musiciens, de leurs échecs aussi, et du triangle amoureux destructeur qui sème le trouble parmi les membres. Parmi la longue liste d’acteurs que l’on pourra retrouver à l’écran figurent Riley Keough (la petite-fille d’Elvis Presley, dans le rôle de Daisy), Sam Claflin (dans le rôle de Billy Dunne), Suki Waterhouse, ou encore Timothy Olyphant. La musique jouée par le groupe imaginaire a été composée pour l’occasion et sera disponible sur Amazon Music.

Lire l’article de Vanity Fair.

DAISY JONES & THE SIX est disponible aux éditions Charleston et 10/18.

Sélection du New York Times : meilleurs titres parus en 2022

Tous les ans, la rédaction de la New York Times Book Review sélectionne une dizaine de titres notoires publiés au cours de l’année, en fiction et en non fiction. Pour 2022, notre agence représente plusieurs des titres figurant dans la liste des 10 Best Books of 2022. Voici les critiques :

by Hua Hsu
Doubleday, September 2022

“In this quietly wrenching memoir, Hsu recalls starting out at Berkeley in the mid-1990s as a watchful music snob, fastidiously curating his tastes and mercilessly judging the tastes of others. Then he met Ken, a Japanese American frat boy. Their friendship was intense, but brief. Less than three years later, Ken would be killed in a carjacking. Hsu traces the course of their relationship — one that seemed improbable at first but eventually became a fixture in his life, a trellis along which both young men could stretch and grow.”

UNDER THE SKIN: The Hidden Toll of Racism on American Lives and on the Health of Our Nation
by Linda Villarosa
Doubleday, June 2022

“Through case histories as well as independent reporting, Villarosa’s remarkable third book elegantly traces the effects of the legacy of slavery — and the doctrine of anti-Blackness that sprang up to philosophically justify it — on Black health: reproductive, environmental, mental and more. Beginning with a long personal history of her awakening to these structural inequalities, the journalist repositions various narratives about race and medicine — the soaring Black maternal mortality rates; the rise of heart disease and hypertension; the oft-repeated dictum that Black people reject psychological therapy — as evidence not of Black inferiority, but of racism in the health care system.”

by Barbara Kingsolver
Harper, October 2022

N.B. : Les droits de langue française ne sont plus disponibles pour ce titre.

“Kingsolver’s powerful new novel, a close retelling of Charles Dickens’s “David Copperfield” set in contemporary Appalachia, gallops through issues including childhood poverty, opioid addiction and rural dispossession even as its larger focus remains squarely on the question of how an artist’s consciousness is formed. Like Dickens, Kingsolver is unblushingly political and works on a sprawling scale, animating her pages with an abundance of charm and the presence of seemingly every creeping thing that has ever crept upon the earth.”

THE LAST CHECKMATE de Gabriella Saab

Readers of Heather Morris’s The Tattooist of Auschwitz and watchers of The Queen’s Gambit won’t want to miss this amazing debut set during World War II. A young Polish resistance worker, imprisoned in Auschwitz as a political prisoner, plays chess in exchange for her life, and in doing so fights to bring the man who destroyed her family to justice.

by Gabriella Saab
William Morrow/HarperCollins, October 2021

Maria is many things: daughter, avid chess player, and member of the Polish underground resistance in Nazi-occupied Warsaw.  Captured by the Gestapo she is imprisoned in Auschwitz, while her family is sent to their deaths. Realizing her ability to play chess, the sadistic camp deputy, Fritzsch, intends to use her as a chess opponent to entertain the camp guards. However, once he tires of utilizing her skills, he has every intention of killing her.
Befriended by a Catholic priest, Maria attempts to overcome her grief and see the value in survival. Literally playing for her life through four grueling years, her strategy is simple: Live. Fight. Survive. By cleverly provoking Fritzsch’s volatile nature in front of his superiors, Maria intends to orchestrate his downfall. Only then will she have a chance to evade the fate awaiting her and see him brought to justice.
As she carries out her plan and the war nears its end, she discovers Fritzsch has survived.  And so Maria, vowing still to avenge the murder of her family, challenges her former nemesis to one final game, certain to end in life or death, in failure or justice. If Maria can bear to face Fritzsch—and her past—one last time.

List of foreign sales: Brazil (Dos Livros), Bulgaria (Book Travel), Czech Republic (Argo), Hungary (Cartaphilus Kiado), Italy (Newton Compton), Netherlands (Luitingh-Sijthoff), Poland (HC-Polska), Portugal (Casa das Letras), Romania (RAO), Russia (EKSMO), Spain (Newton Compton), Slovenia (HKZ)

Gabriella Saab graduated from Mississippi State University with a Bachelor of Business Administration in marketing, and now works various jobs, including teaching barre classes. In researching for this novel, she traveled to Warsaw and Auschwitz to dig deeper into the experiences and setting of those who lived there.

DISTANT SONS de Tim Johnston

Tim Johnston masterfully interweaves past and present to tell a story of violence, vengeance, and remorse. Poetic, compelling, nuanced, profoundly and achingly beautiful.

by Tim Johnston
Algonquin, October 2023
(via Writers House)

DISTANT SONS is set in a small Wisconsin town on the banks of the Mississippi, where, in the 1970s, three young boys vanished in a series of heart-wrenching, still unsolved disappearances. In the present day, a drifter named Sean arrives in town and gets embroiled in the lives of a waitress and her abusive ex, leading him to love—and a dangerous enemy. At his side is Dan Young, who is fleeing the unspoken specters of his past; together, Sean and Dan take up work for Marion Devereaux, an old man long suspected in the disappearances of the boys. Observing them all is Detective Viegas, a woman whose drive to seek justice is impacted by her own father’s failure to solve the 1970s mystery—and the violence once done to her sister.
In DISTANT SONS Tim Johnston masterfully interweaves past and present to tell a story of violence, vengeance, and remorse. It is a minutely observed novel about men and women living in the small towns and forgotten byways of America, of blue collar people working jobs for cash and just getting by day to day. In observing the grace—and the violence—that can result from the smallest crossings of these so often unheralded lives, Tim Johnston elevates a set of characters distinctive from those that populate most literary fiction these days. His protagonists’ concerns and secrets, joys and sorrows are rooted in a profound sense of place and personality that galvanizes the mysteries they encounter. Throughout DISTANT SONS, we are drawn into broader questions of culpability, the way what we do—or fail to do—can long outlive us. And for each, Tim Johnston tenderly interrogates the way we grow around our losses like trees around scars, bending or lifting with each passing year.

Tim Johnston’s most recent novels include Descent and The Current. Both were New York Times, USA Today and Indie bestsellers. He is also the author of short stories that have appeared in New England Review, New Letters, The Iowa Review, The Missouri Review, Double Take, Best Life Magazine, and Narrative Magazine, among others.

THIS BIRD HAS FLOWN de la musicienne Susanna Hoffs bientôt adapté au cinéma

Universal Pictures a fait l’acquisition des droits d’adaptation de la comédie romantique THIS BIRD HAS FLOWN, écrite par Susanna Hoffs. Les productrices Liza Chasin et Bruna Papandrea (Anatomy of a Scandal) travailleront ensemble sur le projet.

Pionnière dans le monde très masculin du rock, Susanna Hoffs est surtout connue comme cofondatrice du groupe The Bangles, qu’elle a formé en 1981 avec Debbi et Vicki Peterson. Elles ont sorti une série de singles qui ont rencontré un grand succès, notamment « Manic Monday », « Walk Like an Egyptian », « Hazy Shade of Winter » et « Eternal Flame ».

« Je suis passionnée de fiction, de cinéma et de musique depuis toujours, et j’ai réalisé un de mes rêves en écrivant ce livre », a déclaré Susanna Hoffs. « Pendant que j’écrivais THIS BIRD HAS FLOWN, la bande originale se remplissait de chansons ; je visualisais l’action et l’enchaînement des dialogues comme si j’étais en train de regarder un film dans ma tête. Le fait de pouvoir adapter le livre à l’écran est la cerise sur le gâteau de cette joyeuse expérience. » Susanna Hoffs a d’ailleurs concocté une playlist Spotify des chansons qui lui trottaient dans la tête pendant l’écriture du roman. (Lire l’article de Deadline pour plus d’informations.)

Les droits de langue française sont toujours disponibles.
Vous pouvez retrouver la présentation complète du roman ici.