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WANDER LOST de Laura Martin

From the critically acclaimed author of Float and Glitch comes a new stand-alone adventure full of humor and heart, perfect for fans of Gordon Korman and Dan Gutman!

by Laura Martin
HarperCollins, June 2024
(via Writers House)

Rhett and his brother, Nash, have never been allowed to play board games. It’s their mom’s most important rule; the twins don’t know why, but they know not to push her on it. When their mom suddenly disappears, they’re reunited with Ace, their long-lost grandfather, who reveals that their family is descended from a board game character who escaped his game and lived in the real world. Their family now has the ability to enter the world of any game they want—but this gift also comes with a price. A game character who’s wanted revenge against their mom for decades has finally caught her and is holding her hostage in the world of a game. Which game? That’s up to Rhett and Nash to figure out, even if it means breaking Mom’s most important rule.

But as they learn to use their newly discovered ability, exploring new worlds and facing new challenges and risks, the brothers quickly realize that saving Mom won’t be all fun and games. It’s game on. . . or game over.

Laura Martin is a mom by day and a middle grade author by night, although in her heart she will always be a seventh-grade language arts teacher. She lives in the Indianapolis area with her family.

THE INCORRUPTIBLES de Lauren Magaziner

A dash of The School for Good and Evil, a pinch of Lockwood & Co., and a whole heap of queer joy make up this brand-new grounded middle-grade science fantasy series from internationally bestselling author, Lauren Magaziner!

by Lauren Magaziner
Simon & Schuster, 2025 – 2026
(via Writers House)

Fiora Barrowling has lived with her uncle ever since her parents disappeared on what was supposed to be a quick trip, presumably struck down by sorcerers. Fiora hates sorcerers. Only the worst kind of person would take a Dark Deal and sell their soul for a hint of power. But when an important client comes to collect a special cloak, Fiora learns exactly why her tailor uncle has gotten so secretive about his business over the past few years. Rather than crafting garments for the resistance, he’s been serving their sorcerer overlords instead. And when the sorcerer-client offers a Dark Deal and apprenticeship to Fiora, she refuses. But these are not people who take no for an answer.

A scuffle ensues and the stranger who comes to their aid informs Fiora and her uncle they’ve tangled with the Radiance, the worst of the worst sorcerers, and they’ll need to evacuate. But now that Fiora knows the resistance is real, she can’t go back to being just a girl, she wants to be an Inc.—one of the highly-trained human resistance fighters that have created tech to beat sorcerers at their own game.

But Inc. Academy is already in session and Fiora’s presence at their top-secret location is not welcome. Fiora must prove she deserves her place at the academy on a trial-basis, but when suspicious accidents start to occur on Inc. training missions, all eyes turn to Fiora. Now she must prove that she not only deserves to stay, but that she isn’t the spy selling the Incs out!

A story of the corrupting influence of power and the scrappy human ingenuity it takes to fight for good—however messy and hard that may be.

Lauren Magaziner is the author of the internationally bestselling Case Closed series and The Mythics series, illustrated by Mirelle Ortega. She has also authored three stand-alone books: The Only Thing Worse Than Witches, Pilfer Academy, and Wizardmatch.

WESTFALLEN d’Ann Brashares et Ben Brashares

A mind-bending, time-warp, action-packed new middle-grade trilogy from #1 New York Times bestselling Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants author Ann Brashares and her brother Ben Brashares! Six well-meaning kids change the course of history in the worst possible way, in a thrilling new story that asks what life would be like today had Germany won World War II. Welcome to WESTFALLEN!

by Ann Brashares and Ben Brashares
Simon & Schuster, September 2024
(via Writers House)

Henry, Frances, and Lukas are neighbours, and they used to be best friends. But in middle school Frances became too cool, Lukas got into baseball, and Henry just felt left behind. When a dead gerbil brings them together again for a pet funeral, the three ex-friends make a mind-blowing discovery: a radio, buried in Henry’s backyard, that allows them to talk to another group of kids in the same town . . . in the same backyard . . . eighty years in the past.

The kids in 1944 want to know about the future: are there jetpacks? Laser guns? Is there teleportation? Most of all, they want to know about the outcome of the world war their dad and brothers are fighting in. Henry is cautious—he’s seen movies about what happens when you disrupt the fabric of time—but figures there’s no harm in telling them a little bit. And, at first, nothing changes—well, nothing big, anyway.

Until one conversation between the new friends changes history in the biggest way possible. And now it’s up to Henry, Frances, and Lukas to change it back.

Ann Brashares is the author of the global phenomenon Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants series, as well as several other novels. Before becoming a writer, she was a student of philosophy, a receptionist, an editor, a ghostwriter, and, briefly, the copresident of a small media company.

Ben Brashares is the author of Being Edie Is Hard Today and The Great Whipplethorp Bug Collection. He holds an MFA in creative writing and has worked at and written for several magazines, including Rolling Stone, Men’s Journal, and Entertainment Weekly.


From New York Times bestselling YA author Rebecca Mix comes a breathtaking middle grade fantasy duology about a young fairy who has always lived in her heroic grandmother’s shadow but now must step up and embark on a quest to save her mother from the ever-creeping mold overtaking their world. Perfect for readers who loved Brandon Mull’s Fablehaven, The City of Ember by Jeanne DuPrau, and Endling: The Last by Katherine Applegate.

by Rebecca Mix
Balzer + Bray, 2023 – 2024
(via Dystel, Goderich & Bourret)

THE MOSSHEART’S PROMISE (Book 1, September 2023)

The mold takes all.

Twelve-year-old fairy Canary Mossheart knows this better than most. A few years ago, the mold took her papa, and even her famous, former-chosen-one Gran never found a cure. So when Ary’s beloved mama falls ill, Ary decides it’s taken enough. Armed with only a bucket and a prayer, she sneaks out to find a magical, underground lake whose healing waters are straight out of Gran’s adventures.

But when Ary gets there, the lake’s bone dry, and instead of healing waters, she finds a terrifying secret: Her entire world is actually trapped inside a giant terrarium—one they were meant to leave centuries ago. Worse, Gran knew and hid the truth, dooming Ary and her generation to a dying, rotting world.

Now, allied with only her doomsday-obsessed frenemy, a timid pill bug, and a particularly grumpy newt, Ary has one week to unravel the clues and find a way out of the terrarium—or they’ll be trapped for good.

THE GHOSTWING’S LIE (Book 2, October 2024)

Rebecca Mix is the New York Times bestselling author of stories about weird magic & hope. Her debut novel, The Ones We Burn, was an instant New York Times & Indiebound bestseller. Her other books include Neopets: The Omelette Faerie, the first of two official graphics novel developed in partnership with the game, slated for summer 2024.


A perfectly average boy uncovers a supernatural secret about his family that could put his whole town in grave danger—if it doesn’t make him die of embarrassment first—in this mysterious and funny middle grade debut from New York Times bestselling author Z Brewer.

by Z Brewer
HarperCollins Children’s, September 2024
(via Dystel, Goderich & Bourret)

Viktor Valentine can’t think of a better way to end his summer vacation than playing All the Vampires Everywhere, his favorite video game, with his best friend, Damon. Yet his parents, who make cringey jokes and call him dorky nicknames, seem set on ruining his plans. Viktor knows he can’t really compete with Damon’s “cool” friends—so their epic video game playing is the best Viktor can do to come close to being cool in Damon’s eyes.

But then Viktor slowly starts to realize that his parents may be hiding something from him. They’re acting very suspicious; they sneak out after midnight and return with bloody mouths. But he’s probably just played too many video games. After all, vampires aren’t real . . . right?

Seventh grade is tough enough without having to figure out if your family has fangs. And to make matters worse, the new girl that moved in across the street seems particularly interested in things that go bump in the night. Can Viktor protect his family, or will his sleuthing come back to bite him?

Z Brewer is the author (writing under the name Heather Brewer) of the New York Times, USA Today, and Wall Street Journal bestselling series The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod, about a half-boy, half-vampire, and its spin-off series, The Slayer Chronicles, as well as the YA fantasy, Soulbound. Z’s other novels include Cemetery Boys, The Blood Between Us, Madness, and Into The Real. Z’s newest book is THE CHRONICLES OF VIKTOR VALENTINE, a middle grade novel set in the same world as the Vladimir Tod series, but which will appeal to a whole new generation of readers. Z is also a tireless anti-bullying advocate and lecturer.