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A spellbinding story about a renowned Nashville brothel during the Civil War, a centuries-old secret society, and the earth-shaking power of women—charged with suspense, mystery, and sapphic romance.

by Jen Fawkes
The Overlook Press, July 2024

The year is 1862, and the United States Civil War is in full force. After a harrowing tragedy at home, 19-year-old Sylvie Swift finds herself living in a brothel in Nashville, the Union headquarters, a river city overflowing with soldiers, commanders, politicians, and powerful men––and powerful women. Targeted by a Union colonel and trained to be a spy against suspected Confederate secret societies, Sylvie suddenly finds herself neck-deep in an underground world she never expected: Also at work in Nashville is a centuries-old feminist cult populated by the women Sylvie thought she knew, including Hannah, a revolutionary with whom Sylvie falls headfirst into a heart-wrenching romance. She soon becomes entwined in the lives of the Daughters of Chaos, steadfast in their centuries-long mission to confront and eradicate the injustices enacted by the men who think they’re in charge.

Inspired both by Aristophanes’
Lysistrata, about women who strategically withhold sex from their warring men, and by the true story of Nashville’s attempt to ban its “public women” during wartime, DAUGHTERS OF CHAOS journeys through Ancient Greece, the Renaissance, and American history as Sylvie navigates the complex mythology of this secret world of women against the backdrop of a transformative American conflict.

Jen Fawkes is the author of Mannequin and Wife, a 2020 Shirley Jackson Award Nominee, winner of the 2023 Phillip H. McMath Post-Publication Book Award, and Foreword INDIES gold medalist. Her collection Tales the Devil Told Me was a Foreword INDIES silver medal recipient, Largehearted Boy Favorite Collection of 2021, and finalist for the 2022 World Fantasy Award for Single-Author Story Collection. Her fiction won the 2021 Porter Fund Literary Prize and has appeared in One Story, Lit Hub, The Iowa Review, Crazyhorse, Best Small Fictions, and more. A two-time finalist for the Calvino Prize for fabulist fiction, Jen lives in Little Rock, Arkansas.

NOSE TO NOSE de Thyra Heder

From the critically acclaimed author-illustrator of Alfie, Thyra Heder’s NOSE TO NOSE is an insightful and hilarious picture book about trying to make new friends as the new dog in town and the courage it takes to face a problem “nose to nose”.

by Thyra Heder
BYR/Abrams, September 2024

Toby is the new dog on the block, and he can’t wait to meet his neighbors. But his attempts to make friends go largely un-sniffed by his busy neighborhood, and Toby finds being new isn’t so easy. At least he finds a nice, smelly ball at the park. There’s just one problem: The ball actually belongs to another pup, Pancake, who desperately wants it back.

Toby tries his best to explain his mistake, but when his messages get misunderstood, the neighborhood rumors fly: Toby is a bad dog! Beware! Toby doesn’t know if he’ll ever make a friend, but hopefully by being brave and taking a chance, he can make things right.

This pooch-filled story by critically acclaimed author Thyra Heder playfully unveils the currents of communication happening all around us and champions the courage it takes to confront a problem “nose to nose.”

Thyra Heder is the author and illustrator of Sal Boat, Fraidyzoo, The Bear Report, Alfie, and How Do You Dance?. She is also a scenic designer and storyboard artist for film and advertising. She lives in Brooklyn.

THE HARROWING de Kristen Kiesling, illustré par Rye Hickman

In this YA graphic novel, a psychic teen hunts potential killers until she discovers the boy she loves is her next target.

by Kristen Kiesling, illustrated by Rye Hickman
Amulet/Abrams, April 2024

Rowan Sterling should be worrying about normal teenage things like attending college and whether her best friend, Lucas, is maybe more than a friend. . . . Instead, she’s having terrifying visions of blood and violence. As the premonitions increase in number and intensity, Rowan seeks her father’s help, but instead finds herself drugged, kidnapped, and sent to a mysterious facility called Rosewood. It isn’t long before Rowan discovers Rosewood isn’t a boarding school or an asylum: it’s a training center for teens with special abilities who are known as Harrows.

Harrows can view the actions of would–be murderers before they commit crimes, and the scientists at Rosewood believe it is their duty to use the Harrows’ powers to make the world a safer place. Rowan is immediately drawn to Rosewood’s mission; after all, she lost her mother to a random act of violence two years prior. Empowered by the skills she’s acquired and ready to change the world, Rowan returns home, but when a series of visions lead the Harrows to pursue Lucas, Rowan starts questioning everything she learned at Rosewood—and sets out to protect him at all costs.

Kristen Kiesling grew up in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and graduated from the University of Oklahoma. She is an active member of the SCBWI and lives in Houston, Texas, with her husband and two boys.

Rye Hickman is a visual storyteller and a graduate of the Savannah College of Art and Design’s sequential art program. They are co–creator and artist on the upcoming Little Brown for Young Readers graphic novel Buzzing. Past work include TEST, Moth & Whisper, Bezkamp, Jem and the Holograms, the Femme Magnifique anthology, and more.


A new middle-grade mind-bending adventure from award-winning author Ryan Calejo, destined to be an instant classic.

by Ryan Calejo
Amulet/Abrams, 2023 – 2025

THE SHAPE OF TIME (Book 1 – October 2023)

Fourteen-year-old Antares De La Vega is a natural born adventurer. He dreams of journeying across burning deserts, trekking through wild and uncharted jungles, sailing the furthest reaches of the seas—and yet, he’s never even stepped foot outside of South Florida . . . But that all changes when strange creatures come leaping out of lightning bolts to kidnap him. Locked away in a secret prison in the middle of the Bermuda Triangle, Antares meets fourteen-year-old Magdavellía, a mysterious and iron-willed girl who opens his eyes to a shocking truth: that this world is a far different place than he’s been led to believe. He learns of the existence of The Flat Earth Society, an ancient secret order, whose main function is to keep the world beyond the great Ice Wall a mystery—a land known as Rymworld. But Rymworld is in trouble. Led by a nameless evil, a sinister group of mystics seek to seize control over its only true resource: time itself.
Antares and Magdavellía must set out beyond the edges of any map to discover the undiscoverable: a lost and forgotten island where there is rumored to exist a legendary artifact: a mythical compass that just might hold the key to foiling the mystics’ plans. Following a series of intricately concealed clues left behind by Magdavellía’s parents (clues Antares seems to be the key to unlocking), they must wield both geometry and alchemy, outsmart molemen and mermaids, and outrun fiendish outer space aliens––all while attempting to solve a riddle as old and mystifying as the sun.

THE SECRET OF MATTER (Book 2 – January 2025)

After wielding time itself to save the Rym, Antares and Magdavellía return to Agartha as heroes. But peace is short–lived. As a mystic–led sneak attack plunges the Rym into chaos, they once again find themselves in a world on the brink of doom. Their only hope is a forgotten alchemyst map that supposedly leads to the Elementals—powerful Ancient Astronaut substances that, when combined, create the ultimate instrument of destruction. Antares and Magdavellía will have to race against old and new enemies to secure the Elementals, even as a traitor in their midst plots their long–awaited revenge against the empress. But every step they take toward the forging of the ancient weapon brings them one step closer to uncovering a horrible secret from Magdavellía’s past—a secret that could bring down her throne.

Ryan Calejo is an award–winning author born and raised in sunny South Florida. His critically acclaimed Charlie Hernández series has been featured in half a dozen state reading lists and has earned starred reviews from Booklist and Kirkus, was a Texas Bluebonnet Master List Selection, and won an International Latino Book Award, a Sunshine State Young Readers Award, and a Florida Book Award (Gold Medal). He lives in Miami.

HELLO!LUCKY: A SEED WILL GROW de Sabrina Moyle, illustré par Eunice Moyle

From Hello!Lucky, the creators of My Mom Is Magical! and My Dad Is Amazing!, comes a brand–new novelty series with tabs to pull and surfaces to touch.

(A Hello!Lucky Hands-On Book)
 Story by Sabrina Moyle; pictures by Eunice Moyle
Appleseed/Abrams, February 2024

Just like a seed, here’s what you need:

patience, warmth, a caring heart,

so you can bloom and play your part

in Mother Nature’s brilliant art!

Filled with exuberant illustrations in Hello!Lucky’s inimitable style, A SEED WILL GROW introduces young readers to the plant life cycle, starting with sowing seeds and nurturing the resulting plants, and ending with a brilliant double gatefold that opens to showcase a garden in full bloom.

With a little water, a little sun, and some pollination from bees and butterflies, out shoot roots and leaves and fruits as plants grow. Each page has a different interactive element to highlight the seed–to–plant–to–fruit transformation, and with a fifth color of ink throughout, this deluxe board book is sure to catch the eye of aspiring gardeners and educators alike!

Hello!Lucky is all about using creativity to spread joy, fun, and kindness. Founded by sisters Eunice and Sabrina Moyle in 2003, Hello!Lucky is an award–winning letterpress greeting card and design studio working with dozens of partners to create products, including Abrams’ pun–derful children’s books: My Mom Is Magical!; My Dad Is Amazing!; My Grandma Is Great!; My Grandpa Is Grand!; My Brother Is the Best!; My Sister Is Super!; Super Pooper and Whizz Kid: Potty Power!; Kindness Rules!; Christmas Is Awesome!; Sloth and Smell the Roses; Go Get ’Em, Tiger!; Thanks a Ton!; School Is Cool!; Bananas for You!; and Halloween Is a Treat! and the Astrid and Stella graphic novel series. They also offer gifts, ceramics, stationery, kids’ partyware, and more. Hello!Lucky is based in San Francisco.