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Gaumont UK fait l’acquisition des droits du thriller DOG ROSE DIRT de Jen Williams

La filière britannique de Gaumont vient d’acheter les droits audiovisuels du thriller psychologique DOG ROSE DIRT de Jen Williams et prévoit de l’adapter en série télé.

Dans le livre, publié en juillet 2021 chez HarperCollins UK, la journaliste Heather Evans retourne dans sa maison d’enfance après le suicide inexpliqué de sa mère, et découvre que celle-ci entretenait depuis des années une correspondance troublante avec Michael Reave, un tueur en série emprisonné depuis plus de vingt ans. Lorsque le corps d’une femme est retrouvé décoré de fleurs, tout comme l’étaient ses victimes, Reave est la seule personne qui pourrait faire avancer l’enquête. Après des années de silence, il accepte de parler à Heather, et seulement à Heather.

‘Masterclass in suspense’ –The Times
‘Will have you up all night with the lights on’ –ELLE
‘Brilliant – filled with tension and twists’ –Sarah Pinborough
‘An unsettling, terrifying thriller’ –Abigail Dean

Les droits de langue française sont toujours disponibles.

THE DEEPEST BLACK de Randall Silvis

Three dead. And more to come… A fascinating blend of fact and fiction pushes the boundaries of the crime fiction category and will keep readers guessing on every page.

by Randall Silvis
Poisoned Pen Press/Sourcebooks, August 2022

A triple homicide in a small Pennsylvania town is no small event. And when one of the locals is a writer with a hefty dose of curiosity, the secrets that people have been trying their best to hide never stay hidden for long… Acclaimed author Randall Silvis pushes the boundaries of crime fiction with THE DEEPEST BLACK, a gripping and twisty novel written in the style of a true crime memoir that blends fact and fiction and leaves the reader guessing every step of the way.

Randall Silvis is the internationally acclaimed author of more than a dozen novels, including Two Days Gone and the other Ryan DeMarco mysteries. His essays, articles, poems, and short stories have appeared in various online and print magazines. His work has been translated into ten languages. He lives in Pennsylvania.

8 romans de Gregg Hurwitz bientôt adaptés au cinéma

Les studios Paramount ont fait l’acquisition des droits d’adaptation audiovisuelle de huit romans policiers, des standalones partageant les mêmes thèmes, écrits par Gregg Hurwitz, auteur du best-seller Orphan X (à paraître en avril 2022 aux éditions H & O). Il travaillera à ces projets de films aux côtés de Scott Frank, qui a produit et réalisé Le Jeu de la dame diffusé sur Netflix. (Lire l’article de Variety)

Les droits de langue française des huit titres sont disponibles.


The Guest List with a 90s slasher edge that begs the question: who will survive when your most famous horror movie comes to life? This book offers a fascinating and immersive look at what it would be like to be on the set of a classic 90s slasher. Perfect for fans of Riley Sager and Lucy Foley.

by R.J. Jacobs
Sourcebooks Landmark, September 2022

After her husband’s death, Lexi has refused to return to the Pinecrest Estate on the Florida Keys, too many hard memories on the tiny strip of land. Memories of meeting her husband as a teenager on the set of an iconic horror movie shot at the dilapidated manor house. Of being cast as an extra, of watching herself get killed on screen. And of scoffing at the rumors of the Pinecrest Estate “curse,” until she witnessed a cast member die that very summer. But when her daughter insists on visiting her grandfather, legendary horror movie director Rick Plummer, Lexi finally agrees. That’s when a Category Four hurricane changes course, and hits the southern coast.
Unable to get through to her daughter, Lexi drives to the Keys in the wake of the storm. What she finds is an island without cell service, without power, and with limited police presence. A desolate bit of land, with only a few remaining behind: the horror director, the starlet once cast as the final girl, the young teenager searching for clues of her father, the mother determined to get off the island, and…the person picking them off one-by-one.

R. J. Jacobs has practiced as a psychologist since 2003. He maintains a private practice in Nashville, focusing on a wide variety of clinical concerns. After completing a post-doctoral residency at Vanderbilt, he has taught Abnormal Psychology, presented at numerous conferences, and routinely performs PTSD evaluations for veterans. He’s the author of And Then You Were Gone and Somewhere in the Dark, published by Crooked Lane.

HELLO, TRANSCRIBER de Hannah Morrissey

A captivating mystery suspense debut featuring a female police transcriber who goes beyond the limits to solve a harrowing case.

by Hannah Morrissey
Minotaur Books/St. Martin’s Press, November 2021

Every night, while the street lamps shed the only light on Wisconsin’s most crime-ridden city, police transcriber Hazel Greenlee listens as detectives divulge Black Harbor’s gruesome secrets. As an aspiring writer, Hazel believes that writing a novel could be her only ticket out of this frozen hellscape. And then her neighbor confesses to hiding the body of an overdose victim in a dumpster.
The suspicious death is linked to Candy Man, a notorious drug dealer. Now Hazel has a first row seat to the investigation and becomes captivated by the lead detective, Nikolai Kole. Intrigued by the prospects of gathering eyewitness intel for her book, Hazel joins Kole in exploring Black Harbor’s darkest side. As the investigation unfolds, Hazel will learn just how far she’ll go for a good story—even if it means destroying her marriage and luring the killer to her as she plunges deeper into the city she’s desperate to claw her way out of.

«  HELLO, TRANSCRIBER is a dark, atmospheric, and compelling debut by a unique talent. I was sucked in immediately and could think of little else until the last page.” ―C.J. Box, #1 New York Times bestselling author of Long Range

Hannah Morrissey earned her Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Wisconsin – Madison. She grew up on a farm in a small northern town and now lives near Milwaukee with her husband and two pugs. Hello, Transcriber is her debut novel, inspired by her work as a police transcriber.