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BAD BLOOD de Sarah Hornsley

A debut thriller which reads like Blood Orange meets Sharp Objects, following criminal barrister Justine Stone who must return to the home she hasn’t visited in twelve years when her childhood sweetheart is accused of murder.

by Sarah Hornsley
Hodder, TBD 2025
(via Mushens Entertainment)

When criminal barrister, Justine Stone, is handed the lead on her first murder case, she could never have imagined she’d find Jake Reynolds staring back at her. Jake Reynolds – the boyfriend who disappeared from her life twelve years ago and the same man now facing a double homicide charge. Since Jake left without a trace, Justine hasn’t returned to the rural Essex town, Maldon, where they grew up together. But, if she’s going to send Jake to prison for murder, this time she needs to know the truth – not just the story she’ll spin the jury.
Once she arrives there, memories start to surface – of the idyllic love she shared with Jake, and her doubts that such a good man could really have done such a terrible thing. Back in her childhood home darker recollections are harder to avoid. The death of her beloved father in a car crash, and the weight of the small town’s expectations on her shoulders. And when her elder brother Max goes missing, she starts to suspect that everything is connected. Because it turns out that you can never truly bury the past: no matter how much you might want to.

Sarah Hornsley works as a literary agent at PFD. After graduating from Durham University with a First Class Honours in History, Sarah worked at a publishing house followed by a short stint in script development before becoming a Literary Agent in 2015. She was named a Rising Star in The Bookseller in 2019. She lives in Essex with her husband and daughter.

INSIDE de Rhiannon Barnsley

Set at a top law firm, INSIDE is a psychological thriller perfect for fans of The Whisper Network or BBC’s Industry.

by Rhiannon Barnsley
One More Chapter/HarperCollins, Summer 2024
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When a young lawyer at prestigious London firm Carrey & Watson jumps to her death from the company’s roof terrace, no one is more surprised than Cassandra Harlow, one of the firm’s most promising senior associates.
Having recently and unexpectedly made partner, years ahead of her peers, Sara had everything that Cass so desperately wants. Including membership to Inside, an exclusive society credited with fast-tracking its members’ careers, placing women in positions of power across the city – with a strict policy of one out, one in. The only way to join the elite network is if someone leaves or dies.
When an encounter with a client jeopardises Cass’s job, she knows that Inside may be her only hope of salvaging her career. But, as she competes for the open spot, Cass begins to wonder if, having facilitated Sara’s meteoric rise to the top, the society could also be the reason she went crashing down to earth.

Originally from the West Midlands, Rhiannon Barnsley currently lives in London with her boyfriend and her cat Salem. She’s a corporate lawyer by day and her experiences at work inspired this novel. She is a Faber Academy Writing a Novel graduate and loves to write dark and twisty thrillers with a particular focus on women.

TALONSISTER de Jen Williams

A living weapon journeys into a forbidden land. How much trouble can she get into? The answer, it turns out, is quite a lot.

by Jen Williams
Titan, September 2023
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Leven has no memory of her life before she was a soldier. The process of turning her into a Herald – a magical killing machine – was traumatic enough that it wiped her mind clean. Now, with the war won and the Imperium satisfied, she finds herself unemployed and facing a bleak future. Her fellow Heralds are disappearing, and her own mind seems to be coming apart at the seams. Strange visions, memories she shouldn’t have, are resurfacing, and none of them make any sense. They show her Brittletain, the ancient and mysterious island that the Imperium was never able to tame. Leven resolves to go to this place of magic and warring queens, with the hope of finding who she really is.
Envoy Kaeto has done a number of important little jobs for the Imperium, most of them nasty, all of them in the shadows. His newest assignment is to escort the bonecrafter Gynid Tyleigh as she travels across the Imperium – as the woman responsible for creating the Heralds, his employers owe her a great deal. But Tyleigh’s ambition alarms even Kaeto, and her conviction that she has found a new source of Titan bones, buried deep in the earth, could lead to another, even bloodier war.
Ynis was raised by the griffins, and has never seen another human face. She lives wild, as they do, eating her meat raw and flying with her talon-sister, T’rook. The griffins fiercely protect their isolation – the piles of skulls that litter the mountains of Brittletain are testament to that – but the magic they guard will always make them a target for the greed of men. By choosing not to kill Ynis when she was just a baby, the griffins may have doomed themselves – because the girl’s past is coming for her, and it carries a lethal blade. Acquired at a 5-way auction.

Jen Williams started writing about pirates and dragons as a young girl and hasn’t ever stopped. Her short stories have featured in numerous anthologies and she has won Best Fantasy Novel at the British Fantasy awards for both The Ninth Rain and The Bitter Twins with her Winnowing Flame trilogy. She has previously written the Copper Cat trilogy, as well as the thriller Dog Rose Dirt. Jen lives in London with her partner and their cat.

SALT BLOOD de Francesca De Tores

Mary Read. Mark Read. Unwanted daughter. Dead son. Feared pirate. Wife. Mother. Lover.

by Francesca De Tores
‎ Bloomsbury, 2024
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SALT BLOOD follows Mary Read – sometimes living as Mark Read – the infamous pirate who terrorised the seas in the Golden Age of Piracy. Raised as a boy in order to collect inheritance money, they continued to live as a man during a stint in the navy, before returning to sea as a woman and eventually becoming a feared pirate alongside Anne Bonny.
Mary Read lived untold lives, and this novel takes you on a coming-of-age journey from grand houses to ships sailing beneath a flag of death, from the misery of loss to the untold pleasures of love. Francesca’s research was impeccable and she was fascinated by the intricacies and nuances of Mary’s existence, gender presentation, and love.

Francesca De Tores has previously been published as Francesca Haig (where she has published award-winning poetry, a YA fantasy trilogy, and a literary contemporary novel). This is her historical debut. Francesca is a former creative-writing lecturer and her previous novels have received starred reviews from Kirkus, Booklist and Library Journal with rave reviews from Jessie Burton, the Guardian and the Daily Mail amongst others.

WE SOLVE MURDERS de Richard Osman

The new crime series from The Sunday Times, New York Times, and international bestselling author Richard Osman.

by Richard Osman
Viking UK/Pamela Dorman US, September 2025
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WE SOLVE MURDERS is the new series from The Sunday Times, New York Times, and international bestselling author Richard Osman. It follows a father and daughter-in-law duo who run their own private investigation company which takes them around the world, solving mysteries that nobody else can.

The Thursday Murder Club has sold over 4,500,000 copies in the UK alone since publication in September 2020, and over 5,600,000 worldwide.
The Man Who Died Twice is officially one of the fastest-selling novels since records began, with over 100,000 copies sold in its first week in the UK. Only 3 novels have ever sold more.
The Bullet That Missed is now the fastest selling UK hardback since BookScan records began. Penguin Random House’s most pre-ordered audiobook of all time.

Richard Osman is a creative director for Endemol UK. He has worked as an executive producer on numerous shows. Richard’s debut novel The Thursday Murder Club has been published in over 40 territories and has spent as many weeks as #1 on the Sunday Times Bestseller List in the UK. He became a New York Times bestseller, has been nominated for an Edgar Award in the US, and is also an international bestseller in Sweden, Iceland, and Germany.