A book that will inspire new and nonstop doodlers alike to use doodling as a way to escape and de-stress

Finding Creativity and Calm in a Sketchbook
by Dawn DeVries Sokol
STC Craft, March 2016

The book begins with a discussion of how to power down and tune out using doodling as a method for finding your “zone” and includes a list of suggested materials, tips/techniques, and inspirations for doodles and words. Doodlers will let their minds wander and relax while filling pages adorned with soft, muted backgrounds, calming quotes, and Mehndi-inspired doodles. With prompts and starter sugges­tions for getting your creativity flowing, Doodle Zen is the ultimate retreat for the busy mind.

Dawn DeVries Sokol is the author of several doodling books, including “Art Doodle Love”, “The Doodle Circle”, “A World of Artist Journal Pages”, and “Year of the Doodle”. She is also the author of “Doodle Diary”, “Doodle Sketchbook”, and “1000 Artist Journal Pages”. Often referred to as the “Doodle Queen,” she teaches popular workshops through her blog (, at Interweave Press’s CREATE Mixed Media Retreat, on, and through her DVD workshop Art Journaling: Pages in Stages.


Two origami books offering a new twist on the beloved practice of meditative coloring

by Marc Kirshembaum, Illustrations by Caitlin Keegan
STC Craft, September 2016

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60+ Birds, Bugs and Flowers to Color and Fold

COLOR ORIGAMI: BOTANICA offers a new twist on the beloved practice of meditative coloring. This book features instructions and patterned sheets to color and fold into a gorgeous array of origami flowers, butterflies, birds and other inhabitants of the garden. Pad-bound with removable pages, it contains more than sixty intricately hand-drawn origami papers that are also lightly printed with folding guidelines. Coloring the designs is a creative and soothing experience in itself.

Transforming the flat sheet into a sunflower, a grasshopper, or a dove adds an element of magic that makes origami one of the most popular craft practices for people of all ages. Finished origami pieces are ideal for making paper bouquets, mobiles, greeting cards, and decorations for your desk.


60+ Animals and Birds to Color and Fold

This book features instructions and patterned sheets to color and fold into a menagerie of animals. Pad-bound with removable pages, it contains more then sixty intricately hand-drawn origami papers that are also lightly printed with folding guidelines. Coloring the designs is a creative and soothing experience in itself. Transforming the flat sheet into a lion, a peacock, or a turtle adds an element of magic that makes origami one of the most popular craft practices for people of all ages. Each origami design comes in two sizes (two large and four small), so you can fold animal families with two parents and four babies. Finished origami pieces are ideal for making mobiles, greeting cards, and decorations for your desk.


A whimsical, fantastical foray into the world of the ever-popular fairy

by Marcos Chin
Harper Design, March 2016

Take an enchanting trip through a magical fairy world in this beautifully illustrated, interactive coloring and activity book for all ages, created by renowned illustrator Marcos Chin and filled with enchanting black-and-white line art, engaging riddles and puzzles throughout, and four postcards to color and send.
Marcos Chin presents fairies in various, intricately illustrated scenarios to explore and animate with color, from early morning flights among dew-kissed flowers to lounging on leaves floating gently in a stream to a charming game of tag among fireflies in a dark forest.
While the drawings soothe the soul, riddle and puzzle elements engage the mind. As you bring to glorious color this lush and inviting wonderland, you will find images of keys embedded in the drawings that spell out the answers to a series of riddles sprinkled through the book. By unscrambling the lettered keys, you will discover the answers to the riddles and collect prizes—images representative of the words and tools that enable you to solve the next riddle in the book. Also included are four perforated black-and-white postcards, ready for coloring and sending.
Featuring a heavy card stock cover with extra-wide flaps, and bewitching black-and-white line art printed on heavy white paper with excellent opacity ideal for coloring—with markers, pencils, crayons, or paints—and framing, Fairies in Wonderland lets readers of every age tap into their creative spirits and provides hours of entertainment and fun.


The ultimate manga coloring book, based on the bestselling The Monster Book of Manga

The Monster Manga Coloring Book
by Estudio Joso
Harper Design, August 2015

One of the first coloring books dedicated solely to creating and coloring manga—Japanese cartooning—characters, Color Manga features mesmerizing fantasy figures from the highly popular The Monster Book of Manga. Now, manga fans and coloring enthusiasts can color their own versions of these cool and edgy characters, which include a fierce dragon, an Amazonian warrior, a mechanical octopus, a fearless female fighter, an axe-wielding dwarf, and more.
With the popularity of both coloring books and manga growing, Color Manga will spark creativity and inspire fans to create their own unique collection of colorful manga characters

Studio Joso is a leading anime school and studio specializing in comic and manga illustration.


Lydia Hess

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Step into the mystical and magical with this coloring book designed to not only relieve stress, but step into mindfulness

HarperElixir, October 2015


Experience the Timeless Beauty and Mystical Power of Sacred Symbols

HarperElixir, October 2015

Both books are filled with 50 black and white beautiful colorable illustrations…that encapsulate some of most beautiful scenes from nature…If the images don’t move your soul and inner chakras, then the accompanied wisdom words will have you mediating on how to be a better being in this world.


saint martin

Do you or someone you know need to Chill the F*ck Out?

St. Martin’s Castle Point
April 2016

Look no further than this hilarious collection of the finest swear words and uncouth sayings—all delicately wrapped in beautiful illustrations to color and display. Nothing says relaxation like a stunning, hand-colored pattern that reminds you that you’re the “Queen of Fucking Everything” or coloring an exquisite floral design that proclaims, “Don’t be a Dick!”
Immerse yourself in the calming activity of coloring, while embracing the therapeutic experience of just not giving a shit. Each hysterical pattern is printed on sturdy, tear-out pages perfect for framing, gift giving, and home decorating. With more than 30 pages of picturesque profanity, CHILL THE F*CK OUT will be the adult coloring book that soothes away the stress of the day while letting you be “Fancy as Fuck.”

*SUPER HOT TREND: 6 of the top 30 bestselling coloring books on Amazon are swear word coloring books. All of them are self published.

*FUNNY NOT FILTHY: Our subversive sayings are humorous not vulgar. Think: « Shit just got real” instead of straight up vulgarity


The Zendoodle Coloring Books promote creativity and stress-relief. Each book will feature sixty-two perforated pages of original art to color and display. With motifs like mandalas, gardens, and calming patterns, these books fit perfectly in the hot adult coloring book market

St. Martin’s Griffin

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St. Martin’s Griffin

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Jade Gedeon

Jade Gedeon is the founder of We Dream in Colour, which specializes in handmade, one-of-a-kind adornments, and the author of Beautiful Bracelets by Hand. Her jewelry has been featured in Vogue, The New York Post, Lucky, Self, In Style, Marie Claire and People, and is sold in over 900 stores. She lives in Essex, Massachusetts when she’s not in Port of Spain, Trinidad.


Let your mind roam free as you color in the wild world of tropical animals, flowers and plants

My Island Animal, Exotic Flower and Tropical Plant Coloring Book
Page Street Publishing, July 2016

Escape to a natural paradise and relax as you color in 45 stunning designs of rainforest flora and fauna. Jade Gedeon is a native of Trinidad and Tobago and a designer, as well as the illustrator of Island Escape. This adult coloring book can be a companion gift along with Island Escape, or it can be enjoyed on its own for those who are attracted by the nature-centric theme.
Like Island Escape, the designs are presented on high quality, thick watercolor paper that beautifully showcases colored pencils, markers and watercolor paints that will truly evoke the rich hues of rainforest animals and plants. Each design has a blank back and perforated edge so readers can tear out their finished artwork for display. Large spreads of rainforest scenes fold out for a uniquely immersive coloring experience and wall hanging.
The designs feature calming patterns of hummingbirds, exotic flowers and broad-leaved plants. Many are inspired by a world-renowned bird sanctuary. Bring your inner artist to life along with the animals and plants you color in this gorgeous coloring book.


Cast away to tropical paradise and set your imagination free with vacation-themed designs

My Caribbean Coloring Book
Page Street Publishing, June 2016

Embark on a coloring adventure and escape to a world of tropical island drawings to clear your mind from the stresses of modern life. Inspired by her native Trinidad and Tobago, Jade Gedeon takes you on a special and personal journey to her favorite places. Pack your bags by coloring suitcases, bathing suits, flip-fops and sun hats—don’t forget your passport! Then feel yourself arrive at a luxurious, tranquil paradise. Let your inner child explore hidden beaches with vast ocean views; unwind as your imagination rocks in a hammock under soaring palm trees; and create your ideal sunset with any colors you like. The patterns will soothe away your worries and give your mind a vacation from the real world.
Use colored pencils, pens, markers and even paints on the thick, high-quality watercolor paper. The lay flat binding stays open so you can color with ease. Tear out the finished designs from the perforated pages and display your personalized artwork to relive your coloring journey. With a wide range of full-page illustrations plus 10 bonus foldout poster images, you can create an immersive vacation experience on every page.
See what beauty and adventure await inside Island Escape.