BENJAMIN FRANKLIN: HUGE PAIN IN MY… de Adam Mansbach et Alan Zweibel

The hilarious middle-grade debut of the author of GO THE F**K TO SLEEP

by Adam Mansbach and Alan Zweibel
Hyperion, September 2015

BENJAMIN FRANKLIN: HUGE PAIN IN MY… introduces us to 13-year-old Franklin Isaac « Ike » Saturday, who lives an uneventful life (save for having the worst stepfather on the planet). Then his history teacher assigns a fateful project: each student must write to the historical figure of their choice as a pen pal. Ike decides to write to Benjamin Franklin (whom he was named after) and duly completes the assignment — but after he presents it in class, he steals one of his stepfather’s prized 1770s-era stamps and mails his letter to Benjamin Franklin as a practical joke.

Ike forgets all about the incident until he receives a letter with a similarly old stamp…and with a return address from a « B. Franklin » in Philadelphia. What follows is an imaginative, riotously funny exchange of letters between an awkward teenager and a revered statesman who offers him his legendary advice on family, friends, enemies, girls, and everything in between.

Adam Mansbach is the New York Times Bestselling author of GO THE F**K TO SLEEP, which was translated in over 30 languages.

Alan Zweibel is a former “Saturday Night Live” writer and the author of LUNATICS, co-written with Dave Barry.



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