CASE CLOSED (#1-#3) de Lauren Magaziner

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In this hilarious, interactive, and puzzle-filled adventure series—sold at auction—YOU pick which suspects to interview, which questions to ask, and which clues to follow

by Lauren Magaziner
Katherine Tegen Books, August 2018; 2019; 2020

Carlos Serrano has never solved a mystery in his life. And he’s counting on you to solve his first one. On the morning of a big investigation that would save her failing detective agency, Carlos’s mom gets sick with a nasty flu. But Las Pistas Detective Agency can’t afford to lose this case, or they will close down for sure. That’s where Carlos—and you—come in. With the help of his best friend, Eliza, and her wild little brother, Frank, Carlos takes over the investigation. The mystery involves an eccentric local millionaire, who starts receiving death threats. It appears that someone wants to get their hands on a buried fortune. However, the search for the culprit is complicated by tricky riddles, cagey suspects, hidden secrets, and dozens of impossible choices. Can you help Carlos and his friends figure out who’s sending the death threats, find a lost treasure, and save Las Pistas Detective Agency? Or will it be case closed? You pick the path, you crack the case!

Lauren Magaziner is the author of the humorous middle grade books “Pilfer Academy”, “The Only Thing Worse Than Witches” and “Wizardmatch” (Penguin/Dial Books for Young Readers).

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