BLIND de Christine Brand

His world is dark. He is blind. But he has heard her scream – and his senses have never yet deceived him

by Christine Brand
Blanvalet, March 2019

Nathaniel hears a scream, then he is cut off. He has just been speaking to a woman on the phone. The anonymous app Be my Eyes connected the two and the woman has been helping Nathaniel choose the right shirt. Nathaniel may be blind, but the scream sounded unmistakable. What if something has happened to the woman? Nathaniel is certain of one thing: a crime must have been committed. Yet no one believes him, there is no proof, no clues. Together with a friend, journalist Milla, Nathaniel sets out to look for the truth. What he doesn’t realise is that for the woman he could be her only chance – or her doom…

Christine Brand is an editor of the Neue Zürcher Zeitung, a reporter for Swiss television and a crime reporter. Her time in court and her research and reports on police work have given her deeper insights into the world of justice and criminology. BLIND is her debut novel.

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