US de A.F. Carter

For readers of Gillian Flynn and Tana French comes a twisty, thrilling suspense novel about a woman with multi-personality disorder who is accused of murdering her father

by A.F. Carter
The Mysterious Press, Spring 2020

It’s not enough that Carolyn Grand endured a horrific childhood that sent her father to jail for thirty years. It’s not enough that she was given to a foster care family who pushed her over the edge. It’s not enough that five Carolyn Grands are forced to share a single body. It’s not enough that Carolyn Grand spent years in two psychiatric hospitals, or that she was fed psychotropic drugs that left her little more than a zombie. It’s not enough that her psychologist considers her a play toy, or that her current course of therapy has been forced on her by a medical review board with the power to re-commit her. It’s not enough that all five Carolyns struggle every day to remain independent, to pay the rent, to put dinner on the table, to put clothes on their backs. It’s not enough that the unreformed and unrepentant father who destroyed Carolyn’s childhood, newly released from prison, has once again thrust himself into her life.
Carolyn Grand now has to defend herself against a charge of murder.

A.F. Carter lives, works and writes in New York City.

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