A groundbreaking guide for mothers – by mind-body medicine specialist Dr. Karella Easwaran.

(The Secret of Calm and Composed Mothers)
by Dr. Karella Easwaran

Kösel/Verlagsgruppe Random House Bertelsmann, August 2020 (voir catalogue)

Being a mother is the most wonderful job in the world – but also the most demanding. Pressures of high expectations, overwhelming responsibilities, and exhaustion are just some of the stress factors that can lead to health problems such as cardiovascular disease and depression. What are the best ways to help mothers?
The renowned paediatrician Dr. Karella Easwaran, who has been supporting mothers for many years, is convinced that the solution to the problem lies in the mind! As an expert in mind-body medicine, she has developed the technique of « beneficial thinking ». This begins with the processes in our brain. When properly controlled, beneficial thinking can easily and sustainably change our perception and behaviour. Karella Easwaran’s conclusion is that when we subdue our energy-depleting thought patterns, we can finally dispel stress.

Dr. Karella Easwaran, born in 1965, studied medicine in Hungary and became a specialist in paediatrics and adolescent medicine at the University Children’s Hospital in Cologne. She is competent as well in naturopathy and nutritional medicine. In recent years she has focused on mind-body medicine and furthered her knowledge and experience at the Benson-Henry Institute for Mind Body Medicine at Harvard University. She works as a paediatrician in her own practice. Her first book, The Secret of Healthy Children: What Parents Should and Should Not Do, is a bestseller.

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