THE ROBBER GIRL de Franny Billingsley

Part literary mystery, part magical tour de force, THE ROBBER GIRL is an incantatory novel of fierce beauty, lyricism, and originality.

by Franny Billingsley
Candlewick, September 2021

We matched each other, my dagger and I. The dagger was sharp, I was sharp. Together we were sharp, together we were wild.

A brilliant puzzle of a book from the author of Chime and The Folk Keeper plunges us into the vulnerable psyche of one of the most memorable unreliable narrators to grace the page in decades. The Robber Girl has a good dagger. Its voice in her head is as sharp as its two edges that taper down to a point. Today, the Robber Girl and her dagger will ride with Gentleman Jack into the Indigo Heart to claim the gold that’s rightfully his. But instead of gold, the Robber Girl finds a dollhouse cottage with doorknobs the size of apple seeds. She finds two dolls who give her three tasks, even though she knows that three is too many tasks. The right number of tasks is two, like Grandmother gave to Gentleman Jack: Fetch unto me the mountain’s gold, to build our city fair. Fetch unto me the wingless bird, and I shall make you my heir. The Robber Girl finds what might be a home, but to fight is easier than to trust when you’re a mystery even to yourself and you’re torn between loyalty and love. THE ROBBER GIRL is at once achingly real—wise to the nuances of trauma—and loaded with magic, action, and intrigue. Every sentence shines, sharp as a blade, in a beautifully crafted novel about memory, identity, and the power of language to heal and reconstruct our lives.

Franny Billingsley is the highly acclaimed author of three fantasy novels—National Book Award Finalist Chime, Boston GlobeHorn Book Award winner The Folk Keeper, and Well Wished. Utterly original, enchanting and compulsive, THE ROBBER GIRL is her most ambitious and powerful work to date.

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