When Erin and Sophia meet on the last night of their honeymoons in Bali, neither could predict that the night will end in tragedy.

by Kate Gray
Welbeck UK, July 2023
(via Mushens Entertainment)

Erin is married to handsome and thoughtful Jamie, who sells elaborate security systems: he represents safety to a woman who hasn’t always had that stability in her life. Sophia was an ambitious and successful investigative journalist until a scoop went horribly wrong – leaving her working an entry-level role in local news. Her honeymoon with supportive Mark is a chance to escape and hatch a plan for redemption. When the two women meet at the hotel pool, they spontaneously decide to go on a double date to celebrate their last night. But when a stranger spills a drink over Erin the evening ends abruptly. Hours later he is discovered dead. But it was an accident… right? Back home, and when Erin struggles to answer Sophia’s questions, it becomes clear that there’s another side to this story. Many marriages can survive anything – but when it starts on a lie is it really ’til death do us part?

Kate Gray is a psychological thriller author. She has also written commercial women’s fiction as Katy Colins, her previous six novels have been translated into several languages and been published internationally. Kate Gray has a degree in Journalism and has previously worked in public relations. She lives in Warwickshire, England and juggles her love of writing around her two young children.

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