A MILLION TO ONE d’Adiba Jaigirdar

Titanic gets an Ocean’s 11 makeover in this high stakes and romantic YA heist novel set on board the infamous ship that sank in 1912, deep in the North Atlantic. Perfect for fans of Stalking Jack the Ripper and Girl in the Blue Coat.

by Adiba Jaigirdar
HarperCollins Children’s, December 2022

Josefa is an unapologetic and charismatic thief, who loves the thrill of the chase. She has her eye on her biggest mark yet the RMS Titanic, the most luxurious ship in the world. But she isn’t interested in stealing from wealthy first class passengers onboard. No, she’s out for the ultimate prize: the Rubiyat , a one of a kind book encrusted with gems that’s worth millions. Josefa can’t score it alone, so she enlists a team of girls with unique talents: Hinnah , a daring acrobat and contortionist; Violet, an actress and expert dissembler; and Emilie, an artist who can replicate any drawing by hand. They couldn’t be more different and yet they have one very important thing in common: their lives depend on breaking into the vault and capturing the Rubiyat . But careless mistakes, old grudges, and new romance threaten to jeopardize everything they’ve worked for and put them in incredible danger when tragedy strikes. While the odds of pulling off the heist are slim, the odds of survival are even slimmer…

Adiba Jaigirdar is the author of The Henna Wars and Hani & Ishu’s Guide to Fake Dating. A Bangladeshi/Irish writer and teacher, she has an MA in Postcolonial Studies from the University of Kent, England and a BA in English and History from UCD, Ireland. She is a contributor for Bookriot, and has published short fiction and poetry in various journals and anthologies.

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