HEALTHY, NO MATTER WHAT de Alex Jadad & Tamen Jadad Garcia

A provocative and accessible manifesto that upends our understanding of modern medicine and teaches us how to take control of our health, from an innovative doctor and his philosopher daughter.

How Humans Are Hardwired to Adapt
by Alex Jadad & Tamen Jadad Garcia
‎ Crown, January 2023

Alex Jadad is the creator of the Jadad scale, a methodology to assess the quality of clinical trials that has become the most widely used in the world, and Tamen Jadad-Garcia is an author and philosopher—together, the father and daughter combine their expertise to uncover the shaky foundations on which the medical system is built; one that condemns you to be ill rather than prioritizing prevention. The Jadads begin this exploration with a simple question: “What is health?”
Through engaging stories and case studies, the Jadads expand our understanding of good health beyond the medical industrial complex: you’ll learn about trees that heal, pills that tell you they are fake and still work, how big cities are the places for longevity, and why comparisons between you and your peers can kill. They reconceptualize terms such as health, well-being, love, happiness, and a full life, as a means to allow people, even those living with complex chronic conditions or even terminal illnesses, to consider themselves to be fulfilled and thriving until the end. Based on more than thirty years of research and fieldwork, the Jadads explain why feeling unhealthy is fatal, how you can monitor your true health, and boost good health in practically any context, regardless of your cultural background or socioeconomic circumstances.
The meaning of health is being redefined, putting you in the driver’s seat and recognizing you as the most effective evaluator. With authoritative wisdom and a deep well of empathy, HEALTHY, NO MATTER WHAT teaches us how and when to use the medical system and how to get the best possible results whenever you or your loved ones need it, so that you can live the longest possible life, no matter the twists and turns your life may take.

Alex Jadad is a Colombian-Canadian physician, philosopher, educator, researcher, entrepreneur, and innovator. He holds a doctoral degree in philosophy from Balliol College at the University of Oxford. Jadad is one of the pioneers of evidence-based medicine, and the creator of the Jadad scale, the most widely used tool to assess clinical trial quality worldwide. He is also an advisor to heads of states and leaders of multinational corporations and the author of eleven books.
Tamen Jadad-Garcia is an entrepreneur, philosopher, and author who has built several companies and led large-scale projects across diverse sectors, such as healthcare, consumer goods, and entertainment. She received a degree in business management from King’s College in London and is currently based out of Los Angeles. Tamen is the author of several scientific articles and books on themes spanning end-of-life care, the meaning of love, and the future of healthcare.

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