A transformative body-mind guide to turbocharge humour, laughter and joy in your life.

by Ros Ben-Moshe
Nero/Black Inc. (Australia), May 2023

In THE LAUGHTER EFFECT positivity resilience expert Ros Ben-Moshe offers practical guidance on how to get more joy in your life. THE LAUGHTER EFFECT is a powerful body-mind philosophy that enhances wellbeing and provides a humorous lens through which to view the world. It’s no laughing matter. Well maybe a little. In this book, Ros shares diverse techniques to tap into the lighter side of life, to awaken both your inner and outer smile. Drawing on research and wisdom from humour and laughter therapy, along with positive psychology and neuroscience, THE LAUGHTER EFFECT offers a new dimension to self-care, elevating mindfulness, gratitude and self-compassion practices.
Enriched by case studies from around the globe and the latest scientific research, Ros shares how the highly accessible laughter effect enhances resilience to stress, enabling you to respond to adversity by bouncing forward with humour, levity and grace. Living THE LAUGHTER EFFECT will awaken a positive change in how you respond to the world around you, and, in turn, how the world responds to you.

Ros Ben-Moshe is one of Australia’s leading laughter wellness and positivity resilience experts and founding director of LaughLife Wellbeing Programs. She is an adjunct lecturer at the School of Public Health and Psychology at La Trobe University and a global Laughter Ambassador for Laughter Yoga International. Ros writes for and appears regularly in the media, speaking about laughter, positivity, resilience and wellbeing. She is the author of Laughing at cancer: How to heal with love, laughter and mindfulness.

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