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A transformative body-mind guide to turbocharge humour, laughter and joy in your life.

by Ros Ben-Moshe
Nero/Black Inc. (Australia), May 2023

In THE LAUGHTER EFFECT positivity resilience expert Ros Ben-Moshe offers practical guidance on how to get more joy in your life. THE LAUGHTER EFFECT is a powerful body-mind philosophy that enhances wellbeing and provides a humorous lens through which to view the world. It’s no laughing matter. Well maybe a little. In this book, Ros shares diverse techniques to tap into the lighter side of life, to awaken both your inner and outer smile. Drawing on research and wisdom from humour and laughter therapy, along with positive psychology and neuroscience, THE LAUGHTER EFFECT offers a new dimension to self-care, elevating mindfulness, gratitude and self-compassion practices.
Enriched by case studies from around the globe and the latest scientific research, Ros shares how the highly accessible laughter effect enhances resilience to stress, enabling you to respond to adversity by bouncing forward with humour, levity and grace. Living THE LAUGHTER EFFECT will awaken a positive change in how you respond to the world around you, and, in turn, how the world responds to you.

Ros Ben-Moshe is one of Australia’s leading laughter wellness and positivity resilience experts and founding director of LaughLife Wellbeing Programs. She is an adjunct lecturer at the School of Public Health and Psychology at La Trobe University and a global Laughter Ambassador for Laughter Yoga International. Ros writes for and appears regularly in the media, speaking about laughter, positivity, resilience and wellbeing. She is the author of Laughing at cancer: How to heal with love, laughter and mindfulness.

BASIN de Scott McCulloch

A dark and compelling work by a new voice in Australian – and world – literary fiction.

by Scott McCulloch
Black Inc. (Australia), June 2022

A nomad swallows poison and drowns himself. Resuscitated by a paramilitary bandit named Aslan, Figure is nursed back into a world of violence, sexuality and dementia. Together, Figure and Aslan traverse a coastline erupting in conflict. When the nearest city is ethnically cleansed, Figure escapes on the last ship evacuating to the other isle of the sea. Crossing village to village largely on foot, a slew of outcasts and ghosts guide him as he navigates states of cultural and metaphysical crisis.
Scott McCulloch’s debut novel, BASIN, explores the axis of landscape and consciousness. Echoing the modernist tradition, and written in an incendiary yet elliptical prose style, BASIN
maps the phenomenon of a civilisation being reborn – a hallucinatory elegy to the inter-zones of self and place.

Born in Melbourne, based between Ukraine and the Caucasus since 2014, and having recently moved to the Mediterranean, where he divides his time between Greece and Lebanon, Scott McCulloch works with prose, essay and sound. His writings have appeared in Southerly, Australian Book Review, Art & Australia, Magazine, Kill Your Darlings and elsewhere. BASIN is his

debut novel.

MUDDY PEOPLE de Sara El Sayed

How do you find yourself without losing your family? A hilarious, heartwarming memoir about growing up, breaking the rules, negotiating culture, and becoming yourself in an Egyptian Muslim family, from a new Australian voice.

by Sara El Sayed
Black Inc. (Australia), August 2021

Soos is coming of age in a household with a lot of rules. No bikinis, despite the Queensland heat. No boys, unless he’s Muslim. And no life insurance, not even when her father gets cancer. Soos is trying to balance her parents’ strict decrees with having friendships, crushes and the freedom to develop her own values. With each rule Soos comes up against, she is forced to choose between doing what her parents say is right and following her instincts. When her family falls apart, she comes to see her parents as flawed, their morals based on a muddy logic. But she will also learn that they are her strongest defenders.

With elegant lyricism, compelling urgency and a dark sense of humour, Muddy People by Sara El Sayed is an impressive debut memoir … El Sayed’s coming to voice reflects her journey of self-realisation, of understanding what it means to be a migrant millennial.” —Books+Publishing

Sara El Sayed was born in Alexandria, Egypt. She has a Master of Fine Arts and works at Queensland University of Technology. Her work features in the anthologies Growing Up African in Australia and Arab, Australian, Other, among other places. She is a recipient of a Queensland Writers Fellowship and was a finalist for the 2020 Queensland Premier’s Young Writers and Publishers Award. MUDDY PEOPLE is her first book.

THE WINTER ROAD de Kate Holden

On a country road in Croppa Creek, farmer Ian Turnbull faced environmental officer Glen Turner. What happened next shocked Australia. An epic true story of greed, power and a desire for legacy from an acclaimed Australian storyteller.

A Story of Legacy, Land and a Killing at Croppa Creek
by Kate Holden
Black Inc. (Australia), May 2021

July 2014, a lonely road at twilight outside Croppa Creek, New South Wales: 80-year-old farmer Ian Turnbull takes out a .22 and shoots environmental officer Glen Turner in the back. On one side, a farmer hoping to secure his family’s wealth on the richest agricultural soil in the country. On the other, his obsession: the government man trying to apply environmental laws. The brutal killing of Glen Turner splits open the story of our place on this land. Is our time on this soil a tale of tragedy or triumph – are we reaping what we’ve sown? Do we owe protection to the land, or does it owe us a living? And what happens when, in pursuit of a legacy, a man creates terrible consequences? Kate Holden brings her discerning eye to a gripping tale of law, land and inheritance. It is the story of Australia.

Kate Holden is the author of two acclaimed memoirs, In My Skin and The Romantic, and a regular contributor to The Saturday Paper, The Monthly and The Age.

THE DOGS de John Hughes

Michael Shamanov grapples with the idea of his mother’s life and her desire to finish it. Perhaps it’s her life he has been running away from and not his own. A haunting gem of family secrets and impossible decisions with a distinctly European focus.

by John Hughes
Upswell Books/Black Inc. (Australia), October 2021

The story of a life is as secret as life itself. A life that can be explained is no life at all.” —Elias Canetti

Is it possible to write about the living without thinking of them as already dead? Michael Shamanov is a man running away from life’s responsibilities. His marriage is over, he barely sees his son and he hasn’t seen his mother since banishing her to a nursing home two years earlier. A successful screenwriter, Michael’s encounter with his mother’s nurse leads him to discover that the greatest story he’s ever heard may lie with his dying mother. And perhaps it’s her life he’s been running away from and not his own.
Is the past ever finished? Should we respect another’s silence? And if so, is it ever possible to understand and put to rest the strange idea of family that travels through the flesh?

John Hughes is based in Sydney. He has published six books, all acclaimed and highly awarded, including the National Biography Award and Premier’s Book Awards. His previous novels, The Remnants and Asylum were critically acclaimed, and in 2019, No One was shortlisted in the Miles Franklin Award 2020.