GIRLS LIKE GIRLS de Hayley Kiyoko

Trailblazing pop star, actor and director, Hayley Kiyoko debuts her first novel, a coming-of-age romance based on her breakthrough hit song and viral video, Girls Like Girls.

by Hayley Kiyoko
Wednesday Books/St. Martin’s Press, May 2023

It’s summertime and 17-year-old Coley has found herself alone, again. Forced to move to rural Oregon after just losing her mother, she is in no position to risk her already fragile heart. But when she meets Sonya, the attraction is immediate.
Coley worries she isn’t worthy of love. Up until now, everyone she’s loved has left her. And Sonya’s never been with a girl before. What if she’s too afraid to show up for Coley? What if by opening her heart, Coley’s risking it all?
They both realize that when things are pushed down, and feelings are forced to shrivel away, Coley and Sonya will be the ones to shrink. It’s not until they accept the love they fear and deserve most, that suddenly the song makes sense.
Based on the billboard-charting smash hit song and viral music video GIRLS LIKE GIRLS, Hayley Kiyoko’s debut novel is about embracing your truth and realizing we are all worthy of being loved back.

Hayley Kiyoko is an award-winning American singer, dancer, and actress. « At the forefront of an unapologetically queer pop movement » according to Rolling Stone, Hayley is a passionate advocate for LGBTQIA+ rights. Her debut novel, GIRLS LIKE GIRLS, is based on her hit single and music video of the same name.

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