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THE OTHER SIDE OF NOW de Paige Harbison

For fans of Rebecca Serle and Taylor Jenkins Reid, this is a hilarious and heartfelt novel about past dreams, “what-ifs,” and how loves and lives are never truly lost.

by Paige Harbison
St. Martin’s Press, June 2025

Lana Lord has everything she ever wanted: a leading role on a hit TV show, a gorgeous house in L.A., and a relationship with Hollywood’s latest heartthrob. But not everything is as it seems: her perfect relationship is maybe (definitely) a PR stunt, and underneath the layers of makeup and hairspray, her happiness is as fake as her stage name—her real name is Meg Bryan, but obviously she couldn’t use that in auditions. Following a breakdown at her thirtieth birthday party, she books an impromptu trip where she knows the grass is greener: Ireland. Specifically, the quaint little village where she and her best friend Aimee always dreamt of moving—a dream that fell apart when an accident claimed Aimee’s life a decade ago.

When Meg arrives, the cozy Irish cottage she Airbnb’d couldn’t be more perfect if she decorated it herself. And the people in town are so nice, treating her not as a stranger, but a friend. Except for the (extremely handsome) bartender giving her the cold shoulder. Meg writes it all off as déjà vu until she looks in the mirror. Her hair is no longer bleached within an inch of its life, her skin has a few natural fine lines, and her nose looks like… well, her old nose. Her real nose.

As Meg scrambles to figure out whether she’s dreaming or losing it completely, her phone reveals hundreds of pictures of her life in this little town: with an adorable dog she doesn’t know; with the bartender who might be her (ex?) boyfriend; and at a retail job unrelated to acting. Piecing together this life that is clearly hers but completely unfamiliar, Meg’s best guess is that she somehow made a quantum slide into an alternate version of her life. But the most shocking realization of all? In this life, her best friend Aimee is alive, well, and living nearby…but wants nothing to do with Meg.

Despite her bewilderment, Meg is clear-eyed about one thing: this is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to reconnect with her friend and repair what she broke, and she finagles an opportunity to act in the play Aimee is writing and directing. The script has uncanny parallels to the life they shared as pure-hearted theater kids with big dreams. As the project unfolds, Meg realizes that events as she remembers them may not be the only truth, and that an impossible choice looms before her.

With a great commercial hook, themes of friendship, grief, and deciding what you really want out of life, THE OTHER SIDE OF NOW will have a wide appeal.

Paige Harbison is the author of three YA novels, the first of which was published in 2011 when she was just nineteen years old. More recently, she’s worked on several celebrity projects as ghostwriter. THE OTHER SIDE OF NOW is her adult debut. A woman of many talents, she’s also a beautiful artist (check out the pet portraits on her website) and has a very funny, clever social media presence (a few of her TikToks have gone viral). She lives in L.A. with her boyfriend and their dog Tarot.

ALL THE SINNERS BLEED de S.A. Cosby remporte le Grand prix des lectrices de Elle 2024


S.A. Cosby a remporté hier soir le Grand prix des lectrices de Elle dans la catégorie policier pour ALL THE SINNERS BLEED, paru chez Sonatine en janvier 2024 sous le titre LE SANG DES INNOCENTS (traduction de Pierre Szczeciner).

Le Grand prix des lectrices de Elle a été créé en 1970 par Hélène Lazareff en opposition aux jurys littéraires traditionnellement composés de professionnels (écrivains, journalistes ou éditeurs). En effet, les vainqueurs du prix Elle sont désignés par un jury de lectrices amateurs indépendantes. La création des catégories « Prix Elle du meilleur roman » et « Prix Elle du meilleur document » remonte à 1977, et fut étendue au meilleur roman policier à partir de 2002. Chaque année, 120 lectrices sont sélectionnées parmi les candidates ayant présenté leurs lectures et une chronique de livre. Elles sont organisées autour de 8 jury tournants mensuels de quinze lectrices et seront chargées de lire l´ensemble de la sélection faite par le magazine Elle qui exclut d´office les titres déjà reconnus par les grands prix littéraires. En 2024, 56 livres étaient sélectionnés toutes catégories confondues.


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HANGRY HEARTS de Jennifer Chen

Love, family, and food collide in this sparkling Romeo and Juliet-inspired romance.

by Jennifer Chen
Wednesday Books, March 2025

Julie Wu and Randall Hur used to be best friends. Now they only see each other on Saturdays at the Pasadena Farmers Market where their once close families are long-standing rivals. When Julie and Randall are paired with ultra-rich London Kim for a community-service school project, they are forced to work together for the first time in years. It quickly becomes obvious that London has a major crush on Julie. But Julie can’t stop thinking about Randall. And Randall can’t stop thinking about how London is thinking about Julie. Soon, prompted by a little jealousy and years of missing each other, school project meetings turn into pseudo dates at their favorite Taiwanese breakfast shop and then secret kisses at the beach—far from the watchful eyes of their families. Just as they’re finally feeling brave enough to tell their grandmas, the two matriarchs rehash their old fight and Julie and Randall get caught in the middle when Julie’s brother finds out they are dating. Their families are heartbroken. But it’s the Year of the Dragon, an auspicious time to resolve disagreements and start anew, and Randall isn’t going down without fighting for what—and who—they love. Could the Lunar New Year provide not only a second chance for Randall and Julie, but for their families as well? Jennifer Chen’s Hangry Hearts is a funny, big-hearted romance about friendship, family, and first love—and being brave enough to have it all.

Jennifer Chen is a freelance journalist who has written for Today, New York Times, Oprah Daily, Real Simple, and Bust. Jennifer has a MFA and BFA in dramatic writing from New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts. She is a proud volunteer for WriteGirl, a creative writing and mentoring organization. She lives in Los Angeles with her TV writer husband, twins, two pugs, and a cat named Gremlin.


The Princess Diaries meets Red, White & Royal Blue in this delightful queer romance about two princes of neighboring nations who fall in love.

by Cale Dietrich
Wednesday Books/St. Martin’s Press, December 2024

American-raised Jamie has just found out that he’s the prince of a small country, and now he’s being thrown head first into the world of royalty with no idea how to navigate it. Erik, the reluctant “spare” prince of the country next door, who’s dealing with family drama of his own, agrees to show him the royal ropes after they meet at an event. In the following months, between archery lessons, balls, a ski trip, and even a royal wedding, they must find out what they each want from their future as royals, and if that future can include the two of them together.

Cale Dietrich is a YA devotee, lifelong gamer, and tragic pop punk enthusiast. He was born in Perth, grew up on the Gold Coast, and now lives in Brisbane, Australia. His debut novel, The Love Interest, is his first novel.

CALL FORTH A FOX de Markelle Grabo

A debut, YA fantasy, this gorgeous fractured fairytale offers a sapphic twist on the Snow White and Rose Red story in which two sisters struggle with the limited choices afforded to them and rebel against a life that is not of their own making.

by Markelle Grabo
Page Street YA, April 2024

Though the western wood is rumored to be home to wicked faeries, fifteen-year-old Roisin forages without fear, until the night she saves a red fox from a bear, and that bear turns on her. Ro and her sister survive the attack, but the forest isn’t finished with them yet, for the seemingly ordinary bear is truly a boy who’s been cursed by faeries and forced to partake in a deadly competition.

And the red fox is actually a girl—the same girl from the village who Ro has fallen for.

Between the bear and the fox only one is meant to survive, but Ro and her sister are determined to break the curse before tragedy strikes, and their fight forever alters their ties to the western wood and to each other.

Markelle Grabo is a debut author. She lives in Riverside, California.