His brother is dead. He’s not getting the whole truth… The #1 International bestselling David Wolf Series starts here with this suspense-filled mystery taking you on a thrill-ride halfway around the world to Italy and back to the high country of Colorado.

by Jeff Carson
Cross Atlantic Publishing, October 2023
(via Park & Fine)

Living in a ski resort town in the middle of the Colorado Rockies should be paradise, but deputy David Wolf is stretched thin hunting a missing person and dealing with his ex-wife coming back into the picture. All that trouble drops to the wayside, however, when he gets word his brother has died half a world away while traveling in northern Italy.
A nagging suspicion there’s more to the story than officials are telling him is enough to pull Wolf from his volatile life to Lecco, Italy, a city along the shores of picturesque Lake Como. Five thousand miles from home in this place where Wolf struggles to even communicate with another soul, a disturbing secret awaits among the ancient cobblestone alleys, one that has already proven deadly to one foreigner.
With the aid of a Carabinieri agent with a chip on her shoulder, can Wolf piece together what really happened to his little brother without suffering the same fate?
With twists and turns, memorable characters, action, suspense, mystery with pulse-pounding revelation, all amid breathtaking scenery, it’s no wonder why the David Wolf Series is gaining such acclaim.

Jeff Carson began writing and self-publishing his novels on Amazon a decade ago, and quickly became a bestselling author with legions of devoted fans. He acquired a love for adventure-thriller-mystery-suspense fiction at a young age by listening to audio books while driving the vast landscapes of the western U.S. with his family. One leg of a trip from Denver to Payette, Idaho (to visit relatives) was enough time to squeeze in a good Cussler, a Christie, a Child, a Silva, a Box, a Flynn, or one of the others he considers master story-tellers. Now he incorporates many of the same elements of those authors in his own writing. Jeff and his wife, Cristina, currently live with their two sons in Colorado.

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