TIME WILL TELL de Courtney Peppernell

A collection of introspective poetry from bestselling author Courtney Peppernell. Discover what it means to start inward and evolve into the version of yourself the world knows you can be.

by Courtney Peppernell
Andrews McMeel, August 2023

From the bestselling author of Pillow Thoughts and Watering the Soul comes another deeply honest and moving collection of poetry and prose, about the strength and resilience we embody in the face of hardship and change. TIME WILL TELL offers what Courtney Peppernell does best: hope, encouragement, and the beauty of looking inward.

Courtney Peppernell is a bestselling author from Sydney, Australia, best known for her Pillow Thoughts poetry collection. The series has achieved acclaimed success worldwide, with more than a million copies sold since the initial launch in 2017. Courtney spends her days writing and working on many projects with her beloved dogs in tow. She hopes to continue exploring expression and the art of healing through stories, novels, and poetry for years to come.

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