OKAY, CUPID de Mason Deaver

From the bestselling author of I Wish You All the Best, the story of a cupid who thinks they know everything about love… until they fall in love themselves.

y Mason Deaver
Scholastic, January 2024
(via Dystel, Goderich & Bourret)

As a cupid, Jude thinks they understand love a little bit more than the average human. It makes sense — Jude’s been studying love their whole teen life. And, yes, there have been some bumps in the road, and they’re currently on probation for doing something that they absolutely, definitely shouldn’t have done… but they’re ready to prove they can make matches without ever getting involved.

Only… Jude’s next assignment isn’t about setting up two adults. No, this time Jude has to go to high school, with kids their own age. And the assignment is a tough one: two best friends who are meant to be more than just best friends… but who aren’t currently speaking to each other after a huge falling out.

Jude thinks they’ve got this one all under control, and that they won’t get involved whatsoever.

Which proves that maybe Jude hasn’t learned the first lesson of humans and love … It’s complicated.

Mason Deaver is a bestselling and award-winning young-adult novelist. Their first book, I Wish You All the Best, was an instant bestseller, being nominated for the Goodreads Choice Award and winning Pink News’ Best Young Adult Book award, as well as being named one of Cosmopolitan’s 100 Best YA Books! Their second novel, The Ghosts We Keep earned a starred review from Booklist, as well as praise from Publisher’s Weekly. They are a contributor to several anthologies, as well as the author of the horror novella, Another Name For the Devil. They currently call San Francisco home, where they watch too many movies.

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