A standalone dark fantasy for fans of Leigh Bardugo, V. E. Schwab, and Fullmetal Alchemist, M.L. Wang is a rising star of character-driven Sci Fi and Fantasy.

by M. L. Wang
Del Rey, October 2024
(via The Gernert Company)

For twenty years, Sciona has devoted every waking moment to the study of magic, fueled by a mad desire to achieve the impossible: to be the first woman ever admitted to the High Magistry at the University of Magics and Industry. When Sciona finally achieves her ambition and becomes a Highmage, she finds that her challenges have just begun. Her new colleagues are determined to make her feel unwelcome, and instead of a qualified lab assistant they give her a janitor. What neither Sciona nor her peers realize is that her taciturn assistant was not always a janitor. Ten years ago he was a nomadic hunter who lost his family on their perilous journey from the wild plains to the city. But now he sees the opportunity to finally understand the forces that decimated his tribe, drove him from his homeland, and keep the privileged in power. At first, mage and outsider have a fractious relationship. But working together they uncover an ancient secret that could change the course of magic forever—if it doesn’t get them killed first.

M. L. Wang is an author, martial artist, and weird recluse currently hiding somewhere in Wisconsin with her maroonbellied parakeet, Sulu. Her books include BLOOD OVER BRIGHT HAVEN, The Sword of Kaigen, the Theonite Series, and The Volta Academy Chronicles (published under Maya Lin Wang).

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