WHISPERS d’Ayla Dade

Four elite students, four deadly secrets and a dangerous game: they can trust no one – but will they get too close to each other for their own good? – Spicy thrills and high-society vibes from this bestselling author.

Die Wahrheit wird dich zerstören
(Whispers – The Truth Will Destroy You)
by Ayla Dade
Penguin, June 2024

Harvard University: instead of being conscientious, hard-working students, members of the elite fraternity Alpha Phi Omega have wild parties and set each other high-risk dares. Everyone wants to be part of the hype, and film their challenge live for the Whispers app: Noktura. But what starts as a game spins out of control when Willow, Benedict, Deepika and Jacob find Henry’s body during a team challenge at Langdell Hall. They are shocked – but relieved too: all four have a guilty secret that’s somehow linked to Henry.

Meanwhile, mysterious Noktura has her eyes and ears everywhere, and sends them an anonymous message saying that she knows that one of them is Henry’s killer. If they want her to keep quiet about their secrets they’ll have to be good kids and keep playing this pitch-black game. The four students have no other choice. As the challenges get more and more dangerous, they are driven to the brink of madness – and into each other’s arms. Are their all-consuming feelings for each other are real, or just a vile attempt to discover their secrets?

Ayla Dade spends every spare minute she has writing stories. The popular book blogger fills the pages of her New Adult novels with deep emotions and magical settings. Her readers adore her books. Her Winter Dreams series was a phenomenal success, with each instalment spending weeks in the bestseller lists, and the first book in her eagerly anticipated new Blackwell Palace series – which takes readers to the luxurious palace hotel in snowy St Moritz, a place of glamour, intrigue and a firework display of emotions – went straight to no. 3. Her latest novel, « Whispers », not only spices things up, but there’s more at stake – with risky online dares and plenty of intrigue at an elite college, as she takes her readers on a thrilling, pulse-quickening ride.

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