HOUSE OF THE BEAST de Michelle Wong

Celebrated artist Michelle Wong, illustrator of The Legend of Korra comics, makes her literary debut with this fantasy novel brimming with romance and horror, centered on a young woman who is seeking revenge on her aristocratic family, aided by the powers of a dark and alluring god who appears only to her in the form of a handsome young man—also featuring gorgeous black-and-white illustrations throughout by the author.

by Michelle Wong
Harper Voyager, June 2025

Growing up poor and outcasted as a child born out of wedlock, Alma learned to make her peace with solitude, so long as she had her mother. But when her mother becomes desperately ill, Alma discovers a clue about her estranged father and writes a message begging for help. Little does she know that she is a bastard of House Avera, a powerful magical family that serves a dark and frightening elder god, the Dread Beast.

In exchange for her mother’s medicine, Alma agrees to sacrifice her left arm to the Beast in a ceremony that binds her to House Avera. Regardless, her mother soon passes as a result of her father’s selfish nature.

Now vengeance is the only thing that keeps Alma going. That, and the strange connection she has with her god—a monster who is constantly by her side, an eldritch being taking the form of a beautiful prince with starlit hair that only she can see and hear. He tells Alma that she has been chosen to bring change upon Kugara, and with his help, Alma plots to destroy the House that has stolen everything from her.

Michelle Wong is a writer and artist from Hong Kong with over 50K followers across social media platforms. She’s illustrated for various clients such as HarperCollins, IDW, Dark Horse, and more. This is her debut novel.

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