LIFE AND WORK, David Lynch prépare son autobiographie !

Mise à jour du 12 octobre 2015 : droits cédés aux éditions JC Lattès

Après avoir annoncé la troisième saison de sa série culte Twin Peaks, 25 ans après la diffusion de la deuxième saison, David Lynch prépare actuellement son autobiographie avec la journaliste et conservatrice d’art Kristine McKenna.

A l’image de ses créations artistiques polymorphes (cinéma, mais aussi photographie, musique et peinture), le réalisateur de « Elephant Man » et « Mullholland Drive » présentera ses mémoires sous une forme hybride et originale : un collage d’interviews de ses proches, de notes biographiques et de textes inédits.

Un proposal de LIFE AND WORK est désormais disponible :

An unusual memoir/biography by and about iconic filmmaker David Lynch

by David Lynch and Kristine McKenna
Agent: The Gernert Company

LIFE AND WORK will be an unusual hybrid of biography and memoir based on interviews with approximately ninety of Lynch’s friends, family and associates.  He opens up about a lifetime of extraordinary creativity, the friendships he’s made along the way, and the struggles he’s faced to bring his projects to fruition.

The book will be a combination of biographical sections, written by journalist, critic and art curator Kristine McKenna, that are based on research and interviews with candid ex-wives, family members, actors, agents, musicians and collaborators in various fields.  These sections will be followed by pieces written by Lynch himself in which he will respond to the material that came before.  People who have known and worked with Lynch will provide their own understanding of the parts of his life and work they were part of, while Lynch will have the chance to reflect on his own memories of these experiences, as well as theirs.  This is Lynch riffing on his own life, unfiltered and unedited – a fascinating combination of primary source material and analysis.

Twenty-five years after the original series became an international hit, a new 9-episode series of Twin Peaks is scheduled to air in late 2016.

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