THE SURVIVAL LIST de Courtney Sheinmel

A heartbreaking yet uplifting teen novel from veteran author Courtney Sheinmel, a grieving girl follows a mysterious list across the country after her older sister’s death. Perfect for fans of I WAS HERE by Gayle Forman and FAR FROM THE TREE by Robin Benway

by Courtney Sheinmel
Katherine Tegen Books, September 2019

The only thing connecting Sloane to her older sister Talley is a list—random places, unfamiliar names, a phone number that she doesn’t recognize. Ever since Talley died, Sloane has been completely fixated on it: maybe understanding how the items on list connect is the key to understanding why Talley took her own life. Except the clues on the list seem to be pointing her to California, and Talley had never even been there, right? Turns out the list of things Sloane didn’t know about her sister is much longer than she realized.
She heads out west in search of Adam, the owner of the mysterious phone number, who claims he’d never met Talley. Even though Adam is clearly hiding something, Sloane can’t deny that she’s drawn to him. Can unraveling the cryptic non-sequiturs Talley left behind— and putting her trust in a stranger— heal the hole her sister’s death has left in Sloane’s life?

Courtney Sheinmel is the author of over a dozen highly celebrated books for kids and teens, including the YA novel Edgewater, and the Kindness Club and Stella Batts series for middle grade readers.


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