HOW LUCKY de Will Leitch

The unforgettable story of a fiercely resilient young man grappling with a physical disability, and his efforts to solve a mystery unfolding right outside his door.

by Will Leitch
HarperCollins, May 2021

Daniel leads a rich life in the university town of Athens, Georgia. He’s got a couple close friends, a steady paycheck working for a regional airline, and of course, for a few glorious days each Fall, college football tailgates. He considers himself to be a mostly lucky guy—despite the fact that he’s suffered from a debilitating disease since he was a small child, one that has left him unable to speak or to move without a wheelchair. Daniel spends the hours he’s not online communicating with irate air travelers observing his neighborhood from his front porch. One young woman passes by so frequently that spotting her out the window has almost become part of his daily routine, until the day he’s almost sure he sees her being kidnapped. Featuring a great cast of charactrers, HOW LUCKY is as suspenseful as it is moving.

Will Leitch is a contributing editor at New York magazine and writes weekly for the magazine, Intelligencer and Vulture. He also writes regularly for NBC News, The New York Times, The Washington Post, Medium and and is the founder of the late sports website Deadspin. He lives in Athens, Georgia with his wife and two sons.

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