An aspiring documentary filmmaker tries to use her best friend’s ex as the subject for her film school application, only to discover there’s more to him than what’s in front of the camera. Fans of Elise Bryant and Rachel Lynn Solomon will swoon for this romance packed with snark, banter, and inconvenient crushes.

by Kelsey Rodkey
‎ HarperTeen, July 2022
(via JABberwocky)

Saine Sinclair knows a little something about what makes a story worth telling. Your childhood best friend refuses to kiss you during a pre-adolescent game of spin the bottle? Terrible, zero stars, would not replay that scene again. The same ex-friend becomes your new best friend’s ex? Strangely compelling, unexpected twist, worth a hate-watch. That same guy—why is he always around?—turns out to be your last shot at getting into the documentary filmmaking program of your dreams? Saine hates to admit it, but she’d watch that movie. There’s something about Holden that makes her feel like she’s the one in front of the camera—like he can see every uncomfortable truth she’s buried below the surface. Saine knows how her story’s supposed to go. So why does every moment with Holden seem intent on changing the ending?

« Madeline is quick-witted, bright, and passionate… a lighthearted page-turner. » —School Library Journal

« This enemies-to-lovers romance includes a business rivalry, a deadbeat mom, and a last-gasp attempt to save a family store… A solid rom-com. » —Kirkus Reviews

« Rooted as much in family as it is in cute banter, book nerdery, and sexual tension… You’ve Got Mail for teens. » —Booklist

Kelsey Rodkey is the author of the YA rom-com Last Chance Books. A burrito lover and banter enthusiast, she’s striving to create the stories she lacked as a teenager. She lives near the capital of Pennsylvania, which a lot of people think is Philadelphia, with her significant other and their cat, Cheese.

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