A NEW CAPITALISM de Seth Levine et Elizabeth MacBride

A NEW CAPITALISM by Seth Levine and Elizabeth MacBride is a provocative and optimistic look at the next stage of capitalism.

A Realist’s Guide to the Next Golden Age
by Seth Levine and Elizabeth MacBride
Matt Holt Books, 2025
(via The Martell Agency)

A NEW CAPITALISM will explore what many experts consider to be a “turning point” in capitalism, a profound shift away from neo-liberalism and a profit-above-all mentality in corporate thinking and practice to systems where companies are becoming more responsible to their countries, employees, and communities. This new way of governance is happening right now and is not driven by altruism but is the natural outcome of vast technological innovation, the effects of the climate crisis and changing social norms. It is the authors’ contention that this re-imagining, will unleash a period of wealth generation and shared prosperity and is emblematic of capitalism’s essential dynamism and ability to reconfigure itself.

Because of their standing and thus exceptional connections, the authors have conducted extensive and invaluable interviews with over 50 the global business leaders, including Jamie Dimon, Chairman and CEO of JPMorgan, Larry Fink, co-founder and CEO of BlackRock and Dick Parsons, former chairman and CEO of Time Warner and Citibank, who will provide compelling insights and often visionary thinking, almost no readers otherwise would be privy to. Challenging the perspectives of the right and the left, the book will examine the emerging consensus about the role these large companies should play and the benefits to the long-term health of businesses that are possible. It’s critical that the authors write from the perspective of business owners themselves, bringing pragmatism and level-headedness to a discussion that is often paralyzed with rigid ideological posturing.

Seth Levine, a partner and co-founder at Boulder, CO-based Foundry Venture Capital, is one of the world’s leading venture capitalists. In addition to his work at Foundry, Seth actively supports entrepreneurs around the country and across the world, serving as an advisor to funds and companies throughout the United States, Africa, and the Middle East. In 2016 Seth co-founded Pledge 1% – an international organization that encourages startups to give back to their local communities through gifts of equity, profit, product, and time.

Elizabeth MacBride is an award-winning business writer, speaker, and expert in the intersection of technology, finance, and economics. A former managing editor of Crain’s New York Business, her work has been featured in MIT Tech Review, Forbes, Newsweek, The Washington Post, Quartz, HBR.com, and many others. She was one of the first 12 employees of Wealthfront, the first online financial advisor. A regular contributor to CNBC and Forbes, she is the founder of New Builders Dispatch, which focuses on leveraging finance to create a fairer world. Elizabeth has reported on business, economics, and entrepreneurship around the world, from New York City to Gaza, to Northern Idaho, to Cambodia.

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