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This witty and endearing novel follows the will-they-won’t-they of a couple who are just out of reach of each other, perfect for fans of Emily Henry’s People We Meet on Vacation and Josh and Hazel’s Guide to Not Dating by Christina Lauren.

by Katelyn Doyle
(aka Scarlett Peckham)
Flatiron, 2024
(via Nancy Yost Literary)

Screenwriter Molly Marks is a love cynic, despite the fact that she writes rom-com screenplays for a living. She thought ghosting her high school boyfriend, Seth, was the end of her chance at love—until a 15-year reunion sets something in motion that some would call fate—but absolutely not Molly Marks.
Divorce attorney Seth Rubinstein believes in love, true love at that, despite his job. He’d never admit it, but he carried a torch for Molly long after their sudden and devastating breakup. Over the last decade, he’s sought his soulmate in one bad date and one rushed relationship after another.
When Seth and Molly are seated at the same reunion table, sparks fly, and a bet is made: whoever can more accurately predict the outcome of five relationships over the next five years must declare that the other is right about love. The two are then launched into a years-long series of entanglements, breakups, and friendship attempts showcased throughout the narrative in emails, texts, late-night calls, and accidental run-ins until they reach a breathtaking conclusion that will force them to confront one more relationship—theirs—and whether their story is one of timeless heartbreak or if they are truly meant to be.

Katelyn Doyle has already won the hearts of countless readers through the historical romances she’s penned as Scarlett Peckham. As Peckham, Doyle is a USA Today bestselling author. The Washington Post selected her debut, The Duke I Tempted, as one of the Best Romance Novels of 2018. Entertainment Weekly has called Peckham’s “storytelling breathtakingly human,” and her contemporary work is no different. She continues to showcase the witty, romantic, and feminist voice that has already earned acclaim everywhere, from Kirkus and NPR to The New York Times Book Review (twice).