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La nouvelle série de P.C. Cast !

Mise à jour du 21 avril 2016 : droits cédés à Bayard Jeunesse

Après sa série A HOUSE OF NIGHT (« Maison de la Nuit »), bestseller international avec plus de 12 millions d’exemplaires vendus, P.C. Cast fait son retour avec une nouvelle série pour jeunes adultes : TALES OF A NEW WORLD.

Le titre du premier volet sera MOON CHOSEN et Saint Martin’s Griffin le publiera en octobre 2016. L’auteur vient de l’annoncer sur son blog !

A new YA series from the bestselling author of A HOUSE OF NIGHT

(Tales From a New World)
by P.C. Cast
Saint Martin’s Griffin, October 2016

Mari is a strong young heroine finding her way as she overcomes unbeatable odds. She is an Earth Walker. As the daughter of the high priestess of their tribe, she stands to inherit her mother’s powerful title, and be tasked with keeping their people safe from enemy tribes. This is not exactly the destiny that Mari has dreamed of, as she barely knows herself and has secrets that the tribe can not find out.  But when tragedy strikes, she is forced to make decisions she never thought possible and she experiences an explosion of power unlike anything any Earth Walker has ever known. Mari’s new found powers cannot prevent the undeniable draw she feels toward Nik, a young man who is considered her enemy. But as a greater darkness approaches, Mari and Nik must band together in a tumultuous alliance if they are to save their people…and each other.