The first volume of the forthcoming SUNSET HALL crime series!

(Murder in Sunset Hall)
by Leonie Swann
Goldmann Verlag, Spring 2020

Photo credit: Mark Bassett

Photo credit: Mark Bassett

Agnes Sharp has enough to worry about, thank you very much! There’s the hip, the broken stairlift and of course her unruly housemates, a bunch of eccentric fellow pensioners. However, now there’s a dead old lady in the potting shed. And another dead old lady in the neighboring garden. Idyllic English village life suddenly has a crack and someone is out to get them. A perfidious murderer is on the loose!

Agnes and her feisty housemates roll up their sleeves, grab their trusty tortoise and set out in pursuit of the murderer. The hunt for the killer will lead them onto the slippery parquet of the local Community Coffee Club, to the sinister Limetree House and – most frighteningly – deep into their own past. Turns out that Agnes and her crew have their own old secrets to guard…

Leonie Swann was born near Munich in 1975. She studied philosophy, psychology and English literature at the universities of Munich and Berlin. Her first two novels, GLENNKILL (THREE BAGS FULL) and GAROU, were an immediate and sensational success: both books topped the bestseller lists for months and have been sold to twenty-five countries, often gracing those bestseller lists, too. Leonie Swann lives in Berlin and in England. Her third novel, DUNKELSPRUNG, was published in 2014 and translated as well. GRAY is Leonie’s newest book, published in 2017.

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