A guide to mental wellbeing for Generation Z from influencer Poppy Jamie

Four Steps To Shifting Your Brain—And Your Life
by Poppy Jamie
Rodale, March 2021

© Poppy Jamie

Poppy is a burst of 29-year old energy guiding the 250,000 individuals who have downloaded her app, HAPPY NOT PERFECT, to care about their brain health in an entirely new way. A mindfulness expert with personal experience to support her, Poppy draws on leading psychology research to present breakthrough solutions for the burnout, anxiety and insecurity afflicting her peers in unprecedented ways, as well as many others. HAPPY NOT PERFECT addresses the most anxious and depressed generation in history. The news is full of headlines about mental health concerns for GEN Z, including early onset stress burnout and a greatly increased suicide rate. In fact, half of millennials and 75% of Gen Zers have quit jobs for mental health reasons, according to CNBC this October. HAPPY NOT PERFECT identifies a new set of ideas to advance mental wellbeing and features one of Gen Z’s own who knows how to captivate her audience. Poppy’s platform is increasing rapidly, and she is already taking this conversation around the world.

Influencer and businesswoman Poppy Jamie was named one of Forbes’ “30 Under 30” at age 25. By 26, Poppy was hosting her Snapchat talk show “Pillow Talk with Poppy” and taking part in the uniquely Millennial experience of sharing glamorous and heavily curated pictures of her fabulous life with her 95,000 Instagram followers, while privately facing a breakdown. Inspired by messages from her constituents, in May 2018 she launched Happy Not Perfect, and its corresponding product line. Poppy was born in the UK and currently lives in NY, London, and Los Angeles.

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